The things we hold close

Do not read a story by its first 2 paragraphs stay with it till the end. Enjoy ������


3. Lila

When I come to my senses I'm in the front office. The head mistress is looking at me curiously, I recognize her from her visit. She puts out her hand to shake mine but I decline. I can see she already knew I was going to do that. Beside her there is a girl about my age, she is smiling at me in a way that I just can't help smiling back. The head mistress tells me her name is Lila. She also tells me that Lila will be my guide in the first 3 weeks or so because of my mental problems. Well she didn't say mental problems but I could tell that's what she meant. Mental problems, If only she knew. I don't have mental problems. It's this curse. I destroy things just like I destroyed my mother. I don't say this out loud because she wouldn't understand so why waste my breath. Lila shows me around. She's being friendly. I can't make friends with her she would only get hurt. But as the weeks go by we do become friends. My mind screams at me “ YOU NEED TO GET RID OF HER” how?
I know I will tell her my secret that way she will go away quickly. She won't want to be with me when she knows.


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