Poisonous Beauty

Possible Spoken Word Competition Entry? This poem is basically about how my depression started. I may write another later on about how I overcame it.


1. The Actual Poem

I look in the mirror and I see,

the shadow of what I used to be. 

Soaring and flying.

Never before had I thought of dying. 

And then soon came the day, I began to sway. 

Tripping over the clouds, I went astray.

Cause you see the darker it got, the less I fought.

And the less I fought, the more I thought. 

As it began to feel almost completing. 

Yet at the same time was so defeating.

Gone I wanted it, yet too beautiful it was. 

Soon it all became a fuzz. 

Living, or dying, began to not matter.

Though I did often think of the latter.



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