The Alpha

This story is about? Well it is about a girl who is one of the only Alphas in the world and she finds it rather defficault. She wants to be girly and like an Omega, but she know she has to take control. She is and will always be the strong in a relationship. This is about her making her way as an Alpha and who knows maybe a mother too.


1. Prolong

I had often heard that when you finally should find the one true mate you would not have any doubts. Nevertheless, I did have some. In my family, it was normal that you bought a mate. Of cause, my mother wanted that from me too. I on the other hand had heard from all my friends, male and female that had meted there mates, that it was the best thing ever to meet them instead of buying one. I wanted that for myself. No man would want to be with a female Alpha if they could choose, so why would I be the one to force someone to love me? Maybe my mother did not know how it felt because she was only an Omega and therefor she would have an Alpha or a Beta as a mate. Me on the other hand had to get someone lover then myself if I ever wanted pups. Even though I did not know if I wanted this, I would at least have a chance to find a true mate. Still I had some time to do it my way before my mother would sell me instead of buying a mate for me. 

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