The Alpha

This story is about? Well it is about a girl who is one of the only Alphas in the world and she finds it rather defficault. She wants to be girly and like an Omega, but she know she has to take control. She is and will always be the strong in a relationship. This is about her making her way as an Alpha and who knows maybe a mother too.


2. Chapter one

School was just about to start and it did not wait for anyone. Even if you were in heat. You had to come. At least if you wanted an education. The school was for werewolves so the teachers know everything, but not all students were wolves. The principal knew who was and who was not because he had to know who would be a danger to the other students.


I sat in class when some of the boys ran through the door. I could not do anything else then just smile. It would be stupid of me to say or think anything about it because if I was not going to find my one and only by myself. I rather hoped that the one would start at this school, but I did not have to long to wait. Instead of following the words, the teacher said. I was thinking about where I might find someone worthy of me, when the teacher came down to my table. “Alicia what is the answer to this equation?” My teacher asked me, and I was happy we got math. I was good at it. “The answer is 4” Even if I had not listened, I could solve the equation in my head. The answer was right because she continued going through the class.


Soon the class was over and I once again had to waste my life by walking to the next classroom. Well I was not all a waste. I have to get smarter before I have forced to set down and make puppies.  At least that my mother could not be angry with me for. She always talked about when she would become a grandmother to some of the most beautiful grandchildren. I was only eighteen and she was already planning to be grandmother. She had too big ambition for me but none of them was what I wanted.


Next class ended too and the school was almost over. I was ready to go out to the city and find my mate. I was so sure that I would find him today that I smiled a little more at the end of the day. I took my back and went out at the main entrance. I had been in this town my whole life, and I really had thought about letting my mother win. However she had given med the vacation to travel wherever I wanted, to see if my mate maybe just was lost. I started to walk home when some smell caught my nose. It was the most amazing smell ever and I literally mean the most amazing smell. I could feel how exited I got by the thought and tried to follow the smell. My friends had told me about this amazing feeling but I never understood how much it took over my whole body. I was about to run, when someone came towards me looking for something.


I knew it would be him as I laid my eyes on him. His black hair made me smile and I softly took his arm in mine. I was going out of my own skin just to keep myself from jumping right on him. The butterflies filled my body, and when I finally found an empty alley, I went in there. I was so ready to lock him up by the wall but he was faster than I was. He was also taller than I was so I did not mind it at all. I laid my arms round his neck and for once in my life let another control me. I tried separate his lips a little bit and slipped my tongue through. His hands was behind my back and he pulled me closer to himself and up against the wall. I stopped kissing him on his lips and started kissing his neck. I knew I was the Alpha and that was why I started to take the control. I was the strongest so when I pushed him away it was for me to take control. It was hard to do so but I had to look at the one. He had eyes as dark as the night, and I knew how hard it must had been to stay away. He was defiantly a Beta. He tried to take control over himself. I could see it in his eyes and it made me smile. I took a small but controlled step towards him, at the same time I smiled. “Where do you live?” I asked. It was not my first time but that did not make it better to do it in a dirty alley. “Let me show you the way mi lady” He had a soft but at the same time dark voice, that only made it harder for me to take control.


He let out a hand softly for me to take it, and I kind of knew what I did to him so the way that he had the same amount of control told med this would really be my true mate. I took his hand and relaxed but at the same time turned on, walked side by side with him. As we walked, I thought I would be nice to know something about my mate. He must have thought the same thing because we spoke at the same time. “I’m so happy to finally meet you” I ended up saying. My hand was in his and I could feel the tension, between us. “My name is Jung Kook,” He said. “Alicia”. We came to an apartment that looked like something my parents would never live in, only because it was not as luxury as them. When the door closed behind him, he took me in for a kiss. I felt my butterflies explode inside me. I could feel he was grown up as if he was an Alpha and it was the best feeling ever. I laid my arms around him and let him take me anywhere he wanted because my thoughts where only on every little touch that we made on each other. He slowly caressed my back and moved his hands to my arse. He grabbed it and pulled me closer. I wanted to feel him and I wanted to be his mate. He was all I ever wanted. He lifted me up so I could touch the floor and I just laid my legs around him to make it easier for him. He walked into another room as I started to kiss my way down to his neck. I could not wait for me to make the mark that would make him mine forever. I had a feeling he felt the same way and I could not stop smiling against his neck. Before I knew it, he laid me down on my back. He pulled himself back and took off his shirt. I saw many marks on him from what look like a whip. I was stunned, and he saw it in my eyes. He was about to pull himself fully away, and I lifted myself to his level and laid my hands on his waist. “You are not going to leave me again,” I said harsh against his lips, while I looked him directly into his eyes. Most of my friends got afraid, when I acted like the Alpha, I was but he only smiled and kissed me. I was happy to find someone who was not afraid and I smelted into him. He moved me back into the bed and he laid himself on top of me moving his knot against me. I bit his lip sweetly without making it so far that there would come blood. With all the power, I had which was more than I thought; I turned us around so I was on top. I took of my big warm sweeter which had made me sweat long before I even was this turn on. I had only a red bra underneath it and his eyes laid on it. “I can see you waited a long time for me to find you,” he said when he came closer to me. I smiled. “Forever” I said and closed my eyes. I wanted to enjoy I had the power, instead of my mother. I opened my eyes again. “This might hurt, but please do not hate me,” I said softly when I looked for the best place to mark my territory. I would be like a vampire and plant it in his neck, but I would on the other hand be the most romantic place. My teeth showed and I slowly placed them at his neck. My body was so full of desire that my mind stopped working. I heard him groan when they touched and I was sure it would not hurt as much as I thought so I bided him. I saw how my teeth marks was on his skin and I was fascinated. I liked the wound and before I knew, I was on my back again. I was so happy because I had found my true mate. My skirt came of together with my underwear and I unzipped his pants while he took them off. I looked at my beautiful mate. I was going to keep him safe because he was mine and I was his. When he came back to bed, I saw him in all his glory and I had taken my bra. I felt his bell and was ready for him. I normally did not scream, but this pleasure was too much for me to bear. Not this high note, but I little one in shock over how he completed me. He was slow and gentle and I loved it. My one hand was around his neck and my eyes closed. My other hand was in his hair and played with it softly. We both groaned and he felt like my match. He started to move faster and at some point he really hit the right place and he kept on doing it. Maybe I came faster than normal but at least he came at the same time. I was so exhausted, so when he came out of me and laid beside me I laid myself close to him. He looked at me and smiled. “I have waited for you to come so I had someone who could protect me,” he said and I could not stop smiling. “I will be here to the end” I said and kissed his stomach. I fell asleep fast.

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