The Alpha

This story is about? Well it is about a girl who is one of the only Alphas in the world and she finds it rather defficault. She wants to be girly and like an Omega, but she know she has to take control. She is and will always be the strong in a relationship. This is about her making her way as an Alpha and who knows maybe a mother too.


5. Chapter Four

The next thing happening as I remember was that I woke up in a room so bright that it hurt my eyes. I closed them again and tried to do it a little slower. It had helped. Some weird thing was over my mouth but I guessed it helped me breathe so I let it stay on. I looked around in the room and it did not seem to be anyone awake in there. By my side, I saw some black hair and I started to smile. Then, I could suddenly feel my body again. I would have screamed if it were not because I would wake up my Prince. It helped he sat beside me sleeping though but at least I was not alone. Despite the pain, I lifted my arm to his head and started to fuss up his hair softly just so he would wake up softly. He looked up at me with a sad face as if he was just dreaming about me being awake. He turned his eyes away once again and it made me sad. I knew I must have had some sort of control over my pain because I could not feel it when I tried once again to wake him up. “Jung Kook” my voice did not sound like it used to. It was more harsh then normal and realized I had to try again. My chin hurt when I tried again but this time it sounded more like me. He must had had a shock but a smile was on his face immediately. “Hey Baby girl” He said when he was about to stand, still with my hand on his head. I closed my eyes just to take in the pain it send through my arm.


Before I even knew how others knew I was awake, they were all around me and Jung Kook was send to the back. The doctors had to check if I really was awake or that was what they said. “I’m here. I’m alive,” I said as loud as I could manage. It really was loud. Jung Kook just smiled behind the doctors. “Do you know what your name is?” One of them asked me. I looked confused at them like they should know, but maybe it was for me to say anything. “Alicia… “I said in a breath. It was hard to say anything but I tried my last name. “Cardin” The doctor looked at me with a worried face but she nodded. At least I did not have any brain damage. I remembered what had happened and kind of started to panic. I looked down on my body and saw the scrapes. My leg was hanging and it was covered op in bandage. Jung Kook saw my fear or I hoped when I looked at him. He came and took my hand in his. “Alicia you are going to be okay. It was only a wolf, which attached you, “The doctor told me. I did know it was not all true, but she could not see it by the marks. The werewolf did not know I had already been marked and therefore he must have broken my leg, to get me down so it could place a good mark. Then it must have smelled the mark I had placed and that I already belong to someone, then really attached me. I was at shock because it did not make any sense.


After a long time with the doctors the finally got out. They had given me more morphine so I would not be able to feel anything. It really helped me relax and when they were gone, Jung Kook came closer to me. I really wanted him to kiss me. Make me feel as if it had not happened. “They were so worried the doctors because your mother said you were weak,” He said with a smile. “I knew though. That you would not give up” His words made me smile. I took of the mask that helped me breathe and he was almost going to put I back on. “I love you,” I said and continued “But I’m tired of fighting to keep myself awake. Please stay with me” It was hard to say all those words without any break. He nodded and sat down in the chair. “I will stay baby girl. Forever” By those words, I fell back into sleep.


It might have been days or something, before I really woke up again. My mother had been in the time I was asleep. I could hear her worried voice. It was not enough for me to wake up though. Jung Kook was talking to the doctor. He had gone worried about me because I had slept for days, but the doctor told him I just needed sleep. I cleared my throat so they would know I was alive again. “See she is alright” The doctor said with a smile to Jung Kook. The mask on my face was of and because my body healed fast, I did not have any scrapes on my arms. I tried to sit myself up and I did do it myself.  Jung Kook came closer to me. “Are you feeling better, baby girl?” He asked as he took my hand in his. “Yes thanks to you” I said with a smile. “They say if everything goes well you can come home today” I looked at him with big round eyes. That was the best news I have heard. “Not only do I think you should come home with me but both your parents think that too, so if you want to of cause you can…” More than that, he did not say before I very softly tried to pull him down to me in bed. I would love to come home with him, and I really wanted to feel his lips against mine again. They were as soft as I remembered and he smiled under my kiss. “You know I love you, right prince?” I whispered by his lips. He only smiled. “You cannot possible love me more then I love you” He might have thought he knew how much I loved him and that he would overcome that nevertheless if it stand to me he would not doubt for a second that I was just as much his as he was mine. 

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