A Songfic inspired by the Genesis Song Squonk.

The story is told through two voices. A Squonk and the Squonk Hunter.

Squonks were once an ugly creature who spent most of its time living under the rocks of hot springs in the wilderness. They’d hidden away in their small communities keeping away from others, content on living life in their own way. We were a peaceful species, never causing anger and distress. Then one day a group of humans found us under our stones. At first they treated us well curious of us. One day, legend has it, their tribal leader fell ill and was close to death when one of the Squonks showed the humans our unusual trait. You see a tear from our eyes had magical properties and could cure others from even the deadliest diseases.


8. 7 - The Squonks POV

The Council had set a date for us to pick us up for later that day. My mum wanted me to pack but I wanted to see Christina one last time. I knew I couldn’t tell her but I knew I had to make the effort to see her once again.


I sneaked out of the house and headed down the road towards where she lived. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I just wanted to see her one last time.


She answered the door when I knocked and I was pleased to see her smile as she saw who it was. We sat in the front room listening to music and talking. We got on well and soon she was making me forget I had to leave the next day. We liked the same music, although she had this liking for K-Pop that I could never really get into. I loved the way she’d wrinkle her nose up at times when I said something funny and when she laughed it was like peals from heaven.


I realised after a couple of hours I had to get back and the sadness hit my heart as I realised that this was the last time I would ever see her. She walked down to the gate with me and I think she sensed something was up.


‘What’s up Tom’ she said quietly


I shrugged


‘Tell me, it’s OK. We’re friends aren’t we ?’


‘I have to go away tomorrow’ I said eventually


‘Holiday?’ she asked


I shook my head


‘No We’re leaving, going to Ireland. Mum has a new job. I’m going to miss you Christina.’


She went quiet for a while, the words hanging in the air between us.


'Will you write?' she said eventually. I saw tears in her eyes.


‘Yes’ I lied


She flung her arms around me and out lips touched in a kiss. I felt her tears on my neck. Then all of a sudden she ran back up to the door.


‘You better Tom, or I’m coming to haunt you’ she called before disappearing.


I stood looking at the closed door for a while before I turned and went down the street.  Tears were in my eyes but I daren’t release them just yet.


As I wandered home I was passed by a black van. I looked into the cab as it passed and noticed the driver looking at me. He looked familiar. At first I thought he must be local but then I realised I’d seen him before we came her. He must be from the Council, the person who was going to take us to Ireland.

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