A Songfic inspired by the Genesis Song Squonk.

The story is told through two voices. A Squonk and the Squonk Hunter.

Squonks were once an ugly creature who spent most of its time living under the rocks of hot springs in the wilderness. They’d hidden away in their small communities keeping away from others, content on living life in their own way. We were a peaceful species, never causing anger and distress. Then one day a group of humans found us under our stones. At first they treated us well curious of us. One day, legend has it, their tribal leader fell ill and was close to death when one of the Squonks showed the humans our unusual trait. You see a tear from our eyes had magical properties and could cure others from even the deadliest diseases.


11. 10 - The Squonk Hunters POV

Eight hours later I was pulling into Fitzherbert Hall. It had been a good journey. I’d been scared that the Squonk would bang on the side of the truck. He must have been asleep though as there was no sound. I thought about looking but I thought he might rush me. It had been too easy, something had to go wrong. I’d phoned ahead to say I was on my way.


I thought about the handsome reward I’d get for such a fine specimen. I might take a holiday after this, somewhere warm, treat myself. As I pulled up at the front steps, the young earl came running down.


‘Dad’s getting worse, we need the Squonk now’ he said anxiously.


I opened the door bracing myself for maybe a fight to get the Squonk out. There was no one inside.


‘Where is he?’


I looked again. How could he get out? It was impossible.


Then I saw it, a damp patch


‘Just a Pool of Tears.'

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