8. 8:46 am

I wake up with my head on Ashton's chest and his arm around me rubbing my arm. I look up at him and he is staring at me I say "Morning" and he says "Morning". He says last night was great and I look up at him and kiss him and say "I know." Then I get up and put my hair back in a messy bun and walk into the kitchen. Tyera is standing over the oven and I say "hey best friend how was your night?" She looks at me and says "Well me and Michael are a thing and we had fun." We both look at each other and laugh. Ashton and Michael walk out and Ashton with his hot morning voice says "Hey babe" had pulls me closer and kisses me. Michael and Tyera are standing there and Michael says "Get a room." Then he laughs a little and puts his arm around Tyera. Tyera calls Calum and Luke out and says "I made blueberry pancakes." We all sit there and eat then Ashton and Michael say well we have to go but we will text and call yall two everyday. We say our good byes and then Tyera and I walk home. 

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