3. 5:13 pm

As we are walking down stairs we see someone is in the kitchen. Me and Tyera are the only ones that live in our house. It turns out it was the drummer that I went to high school with his name was Ashton Irwin. He has been sending me and Tyera tickets that are front row everytime they play close. He told me "I check the seating for every concert to see if you are coming and I saw that you are this time and I wanted to come and talk to you."  I say ok. Then he says    "Stevie I want you to give me another, shot I screwed up in high school I know I did I just want you to give me another shot." Me and Tyera are just standing there dazed and confused. Then Tyera elbows me in the arm and I kinda shack my head and say "Ash I love you and of course I will give you another shot!" And since he is about 6 in. taller than me when he came and hugged me my arms wrapped around him and his wrapped around my neck. Then Tyera says "Ash I'm sorry but I think that you need to go so we can get ready for the concert." Ashton says ok and hugs me again and walks out the front door. Then Tyera looks and me and mine and her face is lit up. She says "Stevie "am so happy for you and you know I have liked Michael since high school, and now you can be with who you want to be with and I can have a shot with Michael." "Tyera I know this is great now lets go and eat and go to the concert."

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