7. 11:39 pm

As me and Ashton walk on the bus we see Calum and Luke sitting on the coach. Luke stands up with his arms folded and says "Ashton it's past your curfew were have you been?" I could tell that he was holding back a laugh. Ashton takes his arm off my shoulder and I take mine away from his hips and he walks up to Luke and with a smile says "Man look I'm sorry I was just having a little fun if u know what I mean." We all start laughing and Luke pats Ashton on the back and whispers something in his ear. After that we all sit on the coach and plan a prank to pull on Tyera and I say I have one and I explain it to them and Luke and Calum sit on one coach and me and Ashton sit on the other. We put a look on our face and Ashton puts is arm behind me on the coach. Michael and Tyera walk in laughing and I stand up and turn and Ashton nods at me. I walk over to Tyera and say "I have to tell you something and I have been keeping it from you." She says "Stevie are you ok you look worried?" I nod and lean over and whisper it in her ear she looks at me and almost yelling says "WHAT?" We all just look at her and say "It's a joke" and we laugh. She playfully shoves me. Me and her look at each other and since we are best friends we know what each other are thinking and we nod and go into the bathroom. We take off our makeup and change into one of Ashton's and Michael's oversized tees and put on the shorts we had brought. and walk out with our hair in messy buns and take each boys hands and pull them into their bedrooms. We could hear Calum and Luke sitting there laughing.  


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