Odd tales~ and edger allen poe inspired book

Ever since I've seen extraordinary tales on nextflix I was inspired by edger allen poe's creepy tales of death and ghosts. (extraordinary tales is a animation short type thing but they are about edger allen poe's poems about death and ghosts!)So come on my journey of my version of creepy and death!(this might no be my type of thing but i was inspired!)


1. Little sister~ chapter one

My poor sister have been sick for months now,I've tried every thing to cure her sickness but every thing failed.Her endless sleep makes me fear the night, all I hear is her screams waking me in my sleep with cold sweats."Dear sister... tell me things will be fine..."I pray to her by her bed side."Tell me things will be better... god why have you stricken my sister with this terrible sickness?"I say to the gods knowing they hear but won't do a thing about the prayers I send to them."My sister.... I shall die by tomorrow morning and haunt you until the end of your times..."My sister says in a weak voice sending shivers down my spine and bones."No sister I shall not allow you to do so!"I say to her but it was to late, she was in her endless slumber once more. I have no clue if what her words say are true but I will not believe them until the morn."Dear sister you have not left me for it is the morning you said you die but you haven't tell me why?"I ask her by her bed side."Dear sister you have heard me wrong. I shall die in your slumber..."She says going back into her endless slumber.'why does she want to leave?' i ask myself over and over again until the night i shall find the true meaning to her sickness.I walk to my sisters dark room that only feels cold when I walked in. "Dear sister i shall not sleep until i find out you sickness."I take her bone like hand into mine, her hand turns into ash running from her fingertips to her shoulders to her chest and to her heart, once the ash hit her heart a killing scream comes from her mouth sending all of them to my bones and ears. I shall never forget those screams in my sleep. her scream runs from her cold room to my room under my bed and then above me. her screams are like poison to my ears endless poison streaming into my body and stabbing my heart killing me from the inside out. I have left the house... the house of usher~

end of chapter one

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