Of Queens and Kings

Evil Queens are just Princess who we never saved.
An Evil Queen is just a Queen with more power than the men surrounding her.
Since Queen Maria was a child many nations have wanted her country and her crown, Maria now must fight to protect her country and her crown.


5. The Rose Fountain

The young Queen walked the streets again, this time, people really took notice of her, her hood was pushed back revealing her face, Maria was so beautiful, her skin clear and her brown hair was swooped over her shoulder in such an elegant manner it didn't seem like she had been running at all.She was effortlessly beautiful she did not have to try she just was. 

Maria stopped at a crossroads that held at the centre of it a once proud rounded, white marble fountain, with roses at the base, that was now overgrown with vines, weeds, and baby's breath. 

"Daddy! Look they made mummy's fountain pretty again!" 
A young girl with long brown hair, glanced up at a man, who looked down at her and smiled, "They did, didn't they, why don't you give this to each of the men and women who helped?" 
The man whose face was semi blurry like he was not all there. 

"MARIA!" echoed a voice behind her, Maria stepped forward as her head began to spin, the sound of hooves against the hard ground drained out all of the voices. 
"Maria what the hell do you think you're doing?!" Shouted Sebastian's voices or was it Luca's? Maybe Aiden? Maria couldn't tell, she dragged her fingers up through her hair and rubbed her head as hands touched her from every angle. 
"Please stop"
Maria screamed as she came back to her senses, her vision came back and so did her anger. In front of her, Maria saw, Sebastian, Lucas, Aiden, and many many Queensmen but she only cared for Harley who sat with worry in his little eyes and his long tongue hanging as he panted. "Harley," Maria said as a single tear traced down her now flushed cheeks, she knelt to the hounds level and began to silently weep into the hound's chest, Lucas stepped towards Harley and placed one hand on Harley and the other of Maria.

"Maria, let me take you home"
"Who am I? Who am I to these people? I'm not like my mother or my father I sit alone in that Castle watching the world destroy my Kingdom" 
"You are not your mother or father you're right, but you are a Queen in your own right, you are Queen and you know exactly what needs to change."

Maria looked at her friend with tears in her eyes and nothing but uncertainty in her mind. 

"Lucas and Aiden I think you've done quite enough for today." Sebastian lectured grabbing Maria's by the elbow, "I will be taking her home now, where you will stay." Sebastian spoke looking down at Maria, she was very short compared to him and if she looked up at him the sun would blind her, so she kept her head hung as Sebastian led her to the horse and helped her up.

As the road along the bumpy road, Maria's grip around Sebastian's waist tightened as she gathered the guts to ask him a question that had been burning away at her for years. "Sebastian" she began her voice seemed tiny compared to the one she had every other time she spoke to him, Sebastian didn't answer with words but he grunted at her, to inform her he had heard her, "Why do you hate me so much?" she didn't know if it was hate or anger, she didn't understand but she remembered being in love with him and thinking he felt the same, what had happened to change those feelings? Sebastian stopped the horse, and tried to move around enough to see Maria, without falling off the horse; "I don't hate you!" he stumbled over his words at first confused by her question, "Then why are we like this? Why do you talk to me the way you do, why do you make me react the way you do?" Maria asked slightly letting go of his waist, "Maria" Sebastian's eyes were said and he looked down at her, only seeing the true beauty she was, he placed one rough hand against her soft cheek, "I could never hate you" he said pushing the hair that fell down towards her face away with his hand. Tears began to well in Maria's green eyes, "Hey, don't cry" Sebastian said whipping under her eyes. 

That night Maria did not sleep alone with Harley like she normally did, Sebastian stayed with her. They sat in the bay window together talking of their childhood that began so different but soon became entangled like their fates. Maria fell asleep in his arms and Sebastian whispered to her, "I do love you." before gently kissing her forehead and picking her up and placing her in her nice warm bed, where Harley was already curled up. 


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