Of Queens and Kings

Evil Queens are just Princess who we never saved.
An Evil Queen is just a Queen with more power than the men surrounding her.
Since Queen Maria was a child many nations have wanted her country and her crown, Maria now must fight to protect her country and her crown.


1. Queens and Kings that were.

This will not be the story of an Evil Queen, a beautiful Princess and a knight in shining armour you are used to. This is the story of a Queen like no other and how she fought for her nation, for her crown and for her life against a power greater than hers.

Darkness crept over the mountains and into the village, fires flickered in open windows and smoke billowed out of the chimney of those who could afford a fireplace. The harsh grip of winter fell across the land and set in stone the feelings that would linger on this night for years to come. 

From the castle above the village, screams and cries came. Candles light nearly every corridor and room in the castle, as servants rushed to the aid of their Queen and King. The night was to bring a life and to take a life. The Queen after many hours of painful labour gave birth to a daughter, the only child the king had fathered after sixteen years of his reign.
As the night settled and the fires faded to embers, the drums banged long and loud through the kingdom to announce the fall of the Queen. The King heartbroken refused to look upon his daughter, he told a young maid to name the girl what she thought fit and left the room. 

A week past and the King had still not looked upon his child. He sat in his chambers with the compony of his small council. At week's end, the King had come to his conclusion. 

Sitting on his throne in the main hall, surrounded by Kings Men, Knights and all the Lords and Ladies of the lands, he announces that his daughter will be the new Queen and that on her seventh birthday, he will step aside as ruling regent. 

This day would not go as the King had planned. 

When the young Queen was seven years old, a war raged across the narrow sea. The King left with a full army, on the return of the ships only a handful of men and no King insight. On that day, the young Queen was formally crowned in front of the whole Kingdom. 

Queen Maria Carrington of the Roses.

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