Of Queens and Kings

Evil Queens are just Princess who we never saved.
An Evil Queen is just a Queen with more power than the men surrounding her.
Since Queen Maria was a child many nations have wanted her country and her crown, Maria now must fight to protect her country and her crown.


3. Maria and Aiden

"Maria!" Aiden puffed as he ran up behind Maria who he had been searching for, "What!" She snarled as she turned sharply to face him, "I want to take you through the village." he said putting his hand out towards her gesturing for her to take it, "Why?" Maria said pulling her hand up towards his but then back into her chest, "because it's not the place it used to be when we were children, but you need to see it none the less."  Maria glanced down at Harley who stood beside her tongue hanging out and not a care in the world, so she took Aiden's hand. 

Aiden led Maria to the stables where they saddled up two horses without anyone noticing. "Some stable boys I have here," Maria smirked as she mounted the chocolate brown horse, "Yeah, they're doing wonderful," Aiden grind as he began to ride off through the row of trees that lined the path to the gates, Maria followed quickly catching up and over passing Aiden.

As they approached the gates, men of all ages called for them to stop, "Open the gate, gentlemen." Maria spoke her voice strong, "I can't do that your majesty!" spoke elderly gentlemen, he was not completely grey but his age was showing, "Why is that?" Maria looked down at him, "because... because" he began to stumble over his words, "because I ordered that you will remain inside this castle's walls Maria." spoke a man's voice from the castle walls, Maria rolled her eyes as he walked down the stone steps, "Sebastian." Aiden acknowledged him as Maria hung her head backwards and groaned, "Maria, you're only safe within these walls!"Sebastian explained as he took ahold of the reigns on the horse, "but Flicker needs to go for a proper ride! He's restless and I'm with Aiden!" Maria began to argue, "Exactly, you're with Aiden." Sebastian glanced at Aiden, "Hey," Aiden began offended by Sebastian's statement, "Shut up Aiden." Sebastian ordered, "Fine then! Come with us! I just want to go see my people for once! I haven't left this castle since Father died! Let me out!" Maria pulled back on the reigns, "No Maria that won't be happening. Go inside I'll have someone unsaddle Flicker for you." Sebastian said turning around to face her, "I'll do it myself fuck head." Maria said kicking Sebastian in the chest as she rode away. 
"You do realise that she is a Queen right?" Aiden asked Sebastian as he rubbed his chest, "Do you realises she will never be yours?" Sebastian asked Aiden as he walked away. 

"Don't touch me!" Maria shouted as Aiden's hand touched her shoulder, she spun around surprised to see him but soon the anger took back over, "I will not remain a prisoner in my own castle. If I am to win this war, I need to see my people I need to see my armies, my men and I need to be prepared for battle!" Maria's eyes shone with determination, "Meet me here  before dawn." Aiden whispered to her, he gently touched her elbow, smiled and left.

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