The story of you and me😍 L.H.❤️

Luke was living his life as a normal 17 year old, his bands career was starting to develop. He was happy, everything was going well then he met Jess she was a normal 17 year old girls from Sydney who moved to America then came back 13 years later..will they meet and fall in love?! READ TO FIND OUT!!�� #Jukeisreal #5sos #5secondsofsummer #lukehemmings #ashtonirwin #calumhood #michaelclifford


6. 5: LUKEEE🔥


Jess's POV

Seconds day of school I thought to myself. This is gonna be great...I hope.

I sat up on my bed and emedietly grabbed my phone I had a text from Luke. "Morning beautiful xx" a smile creaped onto my face, how is this possible, how can someone fall I love so quickly? I returned the text saying "good morning handsomeee💩 xxx " and a laughing and poop emoji. Luke is so sweet I can't wait to see him today and then for our date tomorrow!

I got up from my bed and went strait to the shower and got out 5 seconds (wenk😂) later, I wrapped a towel around myself and yet again walked to my closet I didn't have time to organize it yesterday cuz I wasn't here but I have to do it sometime soon for sure cuz these boxes stress me out.

I put on a navy blue high neck crop top and some high waisted ripped Jean shorts that were pretty distresses (like ripped and stuff), and a flannel around my waist I looked good, these short made my toned legs look flawless and my body look skinny I loved it. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar.

I was looking through Instagram and then I got a text from Luke .

"Hey can I pick you uppp!!?👀" it said I laughed and replied

"Sure, that would be greatttt!!"

"K, see ya in a few! Xx😬" he said back I smiled.

He's so chill about all this it makes me like him even more, I went back to insta, and finished the granola bar then ran and brushed my teeth upstairs then ran back down and grabbed my backpack and phone and sat on the couch.

I barely sat down and a car honked outside. I emedietly stood up and opened the door and the locked it behind me. I could feel his eyes burning into my soul from staring. I turned around and his mouth dropped open. I walked to the car and got in.

"Hi Luke!" I said happily.

"Um um h-hi" he stuttered.

I laughed and bent over and kissed his cheek. He emedietly blushed and I did too. He cleared his throat and started backing out of my big driveway. "You look nice today!" He said with a smile plastered on his face, "thankyou!" I said happily I had succeeded "you look really good too by the way!" I said to him he blushed a shade of pink "thanks, I try" he said very sarcastically. I laughed.

He was wearing a fucking Ramones shirt and it happens to be the same exact one I have and thankgod I didn't wear it cuz that would just be awkward, and his black skinnies and vans like me.

I can't complain, I mean that shirt looks WAYYYY better on him and those fucking jeans make me melt inside. I guess he caught my staring and turned to look at me and smirked. I blushed instantly

"So ready for that date tomorrow?" He asked "yeah!! Im so exciteddd!!" I said happily. he smile and I did too he was playing music since I got in the car but I never really payed attention to it I was so caught up on his looks that I didn't see that we had gotten to school until he shook my shoulder from the passenger side door that was now open. I unbuckled my seatbelt and started to get out he stretched out his hand for me to take and I did, I took it and he pulled me up and then closed the door behind my still not letting go of my hand and I smiled.

"Ready?" He asked

"I was born ready!!" I sad laughing and we started walking to the front of the school and he let go of my hand to say hi to Ashton that was standing infront of the school I guess waiting "heyy bro!" Luke said letting go of my hand and pulling ash into a man hug. "Hey!" He said back rather happily for it being Thursday. "Hey Jess how are you!!?" He asked me pulling me into a hug, "great! How are you?!" I asked "awesome" he said back who knows why he was so happy I went with it and smiled at him then the bell rang and me and Luke walked to bio.

When we walked in the room was full there was only two seats left in the back and Luke grabbed my hand (everyone was staring by now) and led us to the back I got glares from all the girls in the class but ignored them.

the two desks where right next to each other we sat down and Luke never let go of my hand he held it even when the class started I smiled down at my feet he saw me and let go of my hand and placed his big left hand on my thigh, I blushed and he smiled, the class went on and then it got to the part of the class where we watch a video I mean we're seniors but who cares.

The teacher turned off the lights and we sat in silence Luke's hand was still on my thin thigh and when the video started I felt his hand go up a bit I smiled and felt warm inside, his hand kept going up my thigh til it got to the end of my shorts I blushed, you could tell he was horny today we weren't even dating and he was doing this to me oh my god.

He smiled at me and lifted me up and sat me on his lap I blushed and he smirked at me. I was sitting right over 'him' I could feel he was hard from our closeness (if that's even a word) my shorts where booty shorts so they were short but they didn't show my butt just a bit of it and I was wearing a flannel. He unwrapped the flannel from my waist it felt weird his hands were so close to my lower region I instantly became turned on I smirked and lifted my hips so his hand touched my stomach and his wrist and up touched my lower region. He smirked I guess he got what I wanted and instead of pulling the flannel of and putting it in a chair he put it over my lap and I felt his left hand caress my waist and then his right drawing little circles gently on my right side I was sitting right over him we where in the back so none really noticed, his hands made there way to the buttons of my shorts I smiled and leans closer to him he saw I was anxious and quickly but gently slid his hand over my panties and rubbed the sides of my vagina it felt amazing I was already wet just then one of his fingers traced over my entrance I bit my lip to keep in a moan "fuck Jess" he whispered into my ear I decided to tease him "ohh Luke!" I moaned in his ear he suddenly rubbed my pussy really quickly it made my arch my back and him to smirk I then looked at him and he saw I needed more and moved his fingers from over my panties to my pussy "fuckk!" I said in his ear "you like that baby!" He said sexily in my ear I moaned and nodded. Then he pulled out his hand and I pouted. "I'm not done babe!" He said sexily In my ear I bit my lip as he pressed his thumb on my entrance and started rubbing in circles I moaned in pleasure then he stopped the circles and went back to over my panties again and 2 of his fingers rubbed over my pussy I grabbed his wrist and arched my back and his dick was hard so I started grinding a bit on him he moaned in pleasure "oh babygirl!" He moaned it turned me on I then massaged him with my hand and he was still rubbing me hard "your so wet for me baby" he whispered in my ear as I leaned back into his chest as he continued I kissed his neck and he smirked and pressed down on my pussy with 2 fingers I moaned but bit my lip shortly after. "Babeee!" I whined/moaned he smiled then slid his hand sneakily out of my pants and turned me so I was straddling him and he crashed our lips together, I felt fireworks no an explosion of emotion and passion in the kiss I was still a virgin but I had had a boyfriend before. He grabbed my hips and I wrapped my arms around his neck his touch made me tingle I felt like I was his and only his now.

He broke the kiss when the lights turned on again I quickly turned around while still on his lap and he held my hips I was still covered with my flannel I was cold now I shivered and he pulled me back onto his chest and wrapped his strong arms around me I giggled when he went and buttoned my shorts again for me he left his hands there and we looked at the teacher we never noticed Calum and Hailey sitting together on the desks like me and Luke, they were holding hands but I guess they weren't as serious as Luke and I.

I looked back at the teacher and she saw us but kept talking about the stupid video, Just then the bell rang and everyone got up I sat up and smiled back at Luke he smirked and he looked like he wanted more so I stretched my arms and then bent down to get my book bag and he moaned I laughed and sat back up and put the back pack on my lap then stood up along with Luke got his things then got ahold of my waist again and we walked out of the room.


Luke's POV

We had our last class of the day finally it was math i always felt like the class took ages but now with Jess here I feel like it just a few minutes "so Y-34 equals X! Right?" She asked me we where working in pairs I love how she's so smart yet also punk rock like me I was good in school but math was always boring "yeah!" I said writing down the answer on the paper we had the bell rang and everyone stood up and left me and Jess did too I grabbed her hand and we walked side by side to the guys and Hailey.

Jess saw Hailey and emedietly let go of my hand and ran to her and Hailey let go of Calum's hand and ran to Jess they looked like bff's which they were, they hand only known each other for like 24 hours and theyre besties wow.

They kept running until they got to each other and tried to pull into a hug but bumped their heads I laughed emedietly and calum did too while walking over to me and pulling me into a man hug "hey bro!!" He said still laughing "hey! What's up?!" I said also laughing "nothin' much trying to get Hailey to go on a date with me!" "What about yourself?!" He asked me while looking over at the girls who were talking and laughing and smiling away. that made me smile "I'm taking Jess out on a date tomorrow, and then im taking her to the cliff again." I sad he smiled "cool, maybe we can double date sometime?!" He said "yeah that would be cool!" I sad to him.

"Soo, are you asking Jess to be your girlfriend I saw you two getting pretty cozy in the morning?!" He said winking and smirking at me while wiggling his eyebrows. I laughed "yeah!, I think so if she wants too then I'm in." I said to Calum. He smiled "she looks like girlfriend material" he said looking back at the girls. "Hey stop checking out my girlfriend!" A said to Calum jokingly and pushed him a little. "Calm down bro I'm talking about Hailey!" He said to me.

I laughed "k well do you guys want a ride!?" I asked him as the girls walked over to us. Jess wrapped her arms around my torso from the side and I held her waist. "Um no thanks I got a car too remember!!" Calum said to me "oh yeah forgot about that! Well we should hang out some time!" I sad to the two "yeah we should!" Hailey said excitingly at Calum. "Yeah we totally should!!" Jess said tightening her grip on me. I laughed "ok we'll plan something out maybe!" I said looking at Calum. "Yeah totally how does Saturday sound?" Calum asked us. Luke looked at me and I nodded "sure!" Luke said "k, see you then byeee!!" Calum said pulling Hailey to the other side of the parking lot. Jess and Hailey started doing the thing with there hands like in the movies when they don't what to go (fav if you got what I meant) I laughed and then Jess turned back to me and we started walking to my car and she spoke up "I had fun today!" She said letting go of me and walking infront of me jumping up and down like a little kid. I smiled and laughed at her and she stopped for a second and looked into my eyes. I was about to kiss her when she ran off running around the now empty parking lot. "Catch me if you cannnn!!" She yelled at me from a few feet away "oh I'll catch youuuuu!!" I said laughing and running around after her I let her get away a little and then ran as fast as I could and when I got to her I grabbed her waist and turned her around and pulled her over my shoulder like a potato sack. "Lukeyyyyyy!!! Let me downnnnnnn!!" She whined "nope" I sad popping the p laughing at her effort to get out of my arms "your not going anywhere princess!" I said to her she sat up while still in my Arms and used my shoulders to hold herself up her left hand on my left shoulder and her right on my right I had her incredibly toned and flat stomach infront of my face I kissed her tummy and she giggled and I duffled my face into her stomach and she laughed "stop it your tickling meee!!" She said giggling. I stopped and looked up at her and she was looking at the clouds. She was absolutely gorgeous. I then looked back at the parking lot and we where almost at my car I walked to the hood (wenk😂) of the car and set her down. "Awww I was starting to enjoy it up there!" She said giggling while I stood in between her legs and looked into her beautiful blue/green eyes she smiled and blushed and looked into my eyes I was leaning in to kiss her when her phone rang.

"Ahhhhhhhgggg fucking phonesssssssss!!!" She said mad it was funny "it's ok babe we can continue another time I sad as she nodded and giggled while clicking the green button of her rose gold iPhone 6s. "Hey mom! Oh hey V how are you!?" She asked smiling and laughing I didn't know who she was talking to so I just listened. "How was daycare!?" She asked the child on the other side of the line while playing with my fingers then intertwining them I smiled. "I like to hear that your happy baby! Where's mommy!?" She spoke to the phone. "Oh really!" She answered smiling up at me I smiled back. "Well I gotta go V see you soon k!?" She said "k, byeeee!!" Blowing kisses into the phone and hanging up.

"Who was that?!" I asked smiling at her cuteness.

"Oh just my little sister!" She answered smiling

"Tell me about her!" I said to her she smiled "k so she's my sister her name is Victoria but we call her V for short she's 2 years old and looks a lot like my mom and has blue eyes like you and she goes to my mid thigh probably!" She smiled I smiled back and she continued "umm what else? She likes to talk..ALOT she can't even talk properly tho! And let's just say she's smarter than your average 2 y/o !" She said to me I smiled.

"Well she sounds like a wonderful sister!" I sad she smiled "she is a great little sister, I'm almost like a mom to her when my parents work I take care of her like today for example my mom goes into work at 4 and I get out of school at 3 it's a matter of times!" She explained to me. "Well I can help you whenever you need me!" I said "I loveeeee kids!" I said she smiled and hugged me "thanks lukey! Well you can help me today if you want!?" She said flashing a smile at me.

I smiled back "sure that would be awesome!" I said and picked her up and put her in the passenger seat "fanx!" She said in a British accent I laughed "I thought you lived in California!?" I said to her. She laughed "yeah I did but I've always wanted a British accent!" She said I laughed and closed her door and walked to the drivers side and got in and turned on the car.

"Today was fun!" She said smiling at me. Seriously all this girl does is smile. She always looks happy. "Yeah it was!" I said smirking at her. She blushed an I put my hand on her thigh and started driving to her house there was only one car in the drive way. I parked my car and we both got out she waited for me at the beginning of the driveway and I caught up to her.

"Don't be nervous it's just my mom!" She said while we walked.

We got to the front door and before opening it she kissed my cheek. I smiled at her and kissed hers. She smiled back at me and opened the door.

"Hey mom in homee!" She yelled out into the big home.

"JWEESSSSSSS!!!!" A little girl yelled from the stairs trying to get over the baby gate at the top. Jess laughed. "Wait V I'm coming to get you in a lil'!" She said to V. I smiled and walked behind her and waited at the bottom of the stairs as she went to the top and got her sister. She bent over the baby gate and I could see her butt but I wasn't interested in that I was watching her pick up her sister and then she put her on her hip and walked down the stairs carefully.

"Jwess can woo pway wif meee!?" Victoria said to Jess, jess smiled "in a little I want you to meet someone!" She said getting to the bottom of the stairs and walking over to me. "V this is Luke!" She said sweetly. I smiled "hii!!" I said smiling at her. She smiled back and his her face in Jess's shoulder.

"Can you hold her for a bit!?" Jess said to me. "Sure!" I sad as she handed my the little girl in her arms to me.

Victoria was very beautiful, she looks a lot like Jess but in a different way. I smiled at her and followed Jess to the kitchen. I sat V on my side and she hugged my neck with her little arms and hugged me close. I could tell she was the cuddle type and I love her cuddliness. Jess came back minutes later "do you guys want anything to dri-" she stopped when she saw my holding her sister. "Awww look at lukey being all cuddly and cute!" She said pinching my cheek softly I smiled and felt V's head hit my shoulder. She was tired and went to sleep on my shoulder and her arms around me. I looked at her and smiled she was so cute. I then looked at Jess "I feel betrayed!" She said looking away. I laughed "Awww baby you know I love you more than her!" I said to her. WAIT that was the first 'I love you' I'm winning here. She looked up at me and smiled. "You love me!?" She asked almost not believing what I had said. "Of course I do!" I sad she smiled. "I'll show you tomorrow on that date of ours!" I said to her she blushed and hugged me from the other side and hid her face in my chest. She was so cute, I want to cuddle them both.

Just then Jess's mom came into the kitchen. "Hey Jess I hope I'm not bothering y-" she stopped when she saw me and smiled. "Hi sweetheart and you are!?" She asked me very kindly "I'm Luke!" I sad smiling at this lady who I suppose is Jess's mom. "Well hello and welcome!" She said pulling me into a hug I gladly accepted. "Thanks!" I said and she smiled. "Oh he's cute!!" She said to Jess, which I heard perfectly clear. Jess blushed and smiled at me. I smiled back.

"Well I'll leave you two to it, don't loose my child please!" She said to us I smiled "sure thing mom!". "Oh and nice to meet you Luke hope to see you around here more often!" She said winking at Jess who was blushing madly I smiled. "Byeeee!!" She said "oh and Jess your dad went on a business trip back to America so he'll be gone for most of the week so don't worry about that!" She said to Jess who nodded her head "bye mommmm!!" She said very tiredly. "Bye!". We heard the door close and Jess collapsed into my arms. "I'm tireddddd!!" She whined. I smiled and kissed her hair. "I know baby, we can cuddle if you want?" I offered she instantly lifter her head and nodded and led us up the stairs to her bedroom. I was still holding V in my arms but she's very light so it's ok.

Her bedroom was very nice and white with band posters placed perfectly symmetrical to the others and her windows had an amazing view of Sydney and the sunset. She sat on her bed and took off her shoes and I did too I left my phone on her nightstand she did too and then she took off the flannel from her waist and threw it on the floor and then laid down on her back and I did too. She pulled her white duvet over us and I smiled as she hugged me and laid her head on my chest, I laid V on my stomach/chest and she instantly wrapped her little arms and legs around me and I could feel both of their steady breathing on me I felt really tired too so I fell asleep with my head resting on Jess'. It felt amazing to be loved and to be In love.


Jess's POV

I woke up to a small faint cry coming from V I instantly lifted my head and Luke's head fell to the side and he woke up too "oh sorry babe I didn't mean to wake you!" I wispered to him and he smiled at me and I lifted the duvet to see V laying on Luke's chest. I smiled and rubbed her back softly "baby wake up" I whispered in her little ears Luke smiled and I Layed my head down sideways (also on his chest) looking at her and Luke wrapped his other arm around me and held me close. "V I have a surprise for youu!" I whispered softly as her face was right infront of mine. She stretched her little arms and legs and wrapped them tightly around Luke. I smiled up at Luke. "I guess she likes you!" I said to him smiling. He smiled back. "Yeah! She does she hasn't moved an inch since she fell asleep" He said in his groggy morning voice. I smiled.

"Jwess?" She asked me. "Yes baby? What's up!?" I asked her. Luke was gently rubbing circles on my waist from my side (cuz I was on my side) and he started lifting my crop top and I smiled at him and he smirked. I pulled the duvet up so she couldn't see what Luke was doing. She still had her eyes closed. "Nwathing but im hwumngry!" She said to me. I was about to moan. Luke's traveling hands went down my body as I was now laying on my back, his hand got to the buttons of my shorts and I simply nodded at him and arched my back as he un did the buttons, he did it slowly to tease me and I became sexually frustrated and helped him and he smirked and laughed and I bent my legs as I felt him go for my pussy slowly and gently touching every inch. Two of his fingers slowly rubbed and massages my area and I instantly became wet, "baby!" He whispered in my ear to not wake V up. "Fuck babe!" I moaned in pleasure into his neck almost whispering because my little sister was still in the room. I guess Luke wanted to make me scream his name because he suddenly pushed down on me I screamed his name in pleasure as I came all over his hand, he slid his hand out of me and licked my orgasm off his fingers, that turned me on.

he looked like he needed some too so I went on my side and rubbed my leg over 'him' he moaned and pushed my leg down lower to where he wanted it. I smirked knowing I made him feel good. "Baby!" I gasped just to tease him. He went hard and I started massaging him with my hand he seemed to enjoy it so I went slower to tease him. "Your such a tease!" He said to me I laughed and he bit his lip kepeping a moan in. "Oh come on babeee!" I whispered in his ear sexily and kissed his jaw. He tensed up and I kept kissing down his neck leaving a hickey on the end of his jaw line near his ear. He moaned as I traced my finger over his toned abs and chest not waking up V I'm surprised she hasn't woken up. I was now holding his chin with my finger, I started leaning in to kiss him but he beat me and crashed our lips together. I felt like I belonged with him. I never felt that kind of feeling in my life. Is this what love actually is?

we where cut off by a faint whimper coming from V, I separated from Luke and he also looked at her. She crawled up Luke's chest to near his neck and wrapped her little arms around his neck. "Hey missy he's mineee!" I said giggling at V, "nwope!" "Lukey mwineee!!" She replied I laughed and Luke smiled and put his hand over her small back and caressed her. "I'm both of yours!" He said smiling and hugging me and kissing my hair. I smiled at him. "But I'm more yours" he whispered into my ear. I smiled and V turned her head to look at me. "jwess cwan we pway pwinsesses!?" She asked lifting her head of a little and holding herself up with her arms still on Luke's chest. "Yeah sure thing baby! Just let me rest a little bit!" I said leaning back to Luke's chest. He grabbed my waist and caressed it gently. "What time is it?" I asked. And felt luke lean over and grab his phone "7:30pm" he said. "We slept for 3 hours wow!" "Go power naps!" I said and V giggled and I tickled her and she started squirming trying to get me to stop and also get out of Luke's grip she rolled on her back and I blew at her tummy (if you get what I mean I love you) she giggled even more and was now out of breath. "Jwess twikling pwepole isn't nwice!" She said giggling more. Luke then grabbed her so she was flying in the air just in his arms. I smiled at them. "Wanna play airplane!?" Luke asked her. "Was that!?" She asked tilting her head a little. I smiled. It's like this. Luke grabbed V and put her tummy on his feet and lifted her off the bed and she was 'flying' in his arms. She looked so happy I couldn't help but smile. He started doing plane noises and I laughed at her amusement. Luke put her down and she crawled back to us and laid down on me. I was laying on my back and she crawled onto my tummy/chest and hid her face in her own little hands. "I'm hwumngryyy!!" She yelled. I laughed. "Let's go to the kitchen then!" I sad and she smiled. I sat up so she was straddling me and I went to the edge of the bed stood up and she instantly hugged me tight. She's so loving and cuddly I love her. Luke them came up behind me. "Come on babezzz" he said I laughed at his choice of words.

Luke's POV

We walked down the stairs and I was walking behind Jess while she had a conversation with V about some princess and thought of how good of a mom she would be in the future, she looked absolutely flawless and I think I love her. Tomorrow is our date and I'm so excited!

We got to the kitchen and Jess sat V in her high chair and I sat next to her chair and she started singing the us national anthem and I looked at her weird. "I lwike two swing!" She said giggling I smiled at her. "So what do you wanna eat?" Jess asked V. She thaught for a second. "Me want chweeseeee!!" She answered. I laughed. "Cheese!?" I asked looking at her weird. "She's a strange child!" Jess said opening the fridge and giving her a piece of American cheese. She smiled and her eyes where about to pop out. She stretched her little arms at the cheese and Jess played with her. "You have to say something for me tho!" Jess said. "What whattt!?" V asked desperate for her cheese. "You have to say: 'Jess is the most beautiful and nice and pretty and loving big sister ever and I love her!'" Jess said. I laughed and V sighed but said it. "Jwess wiz wa most weautiful wand nwice and weally pwetty wand lwaving big swisster wand I wuv hwere!" She said I laughed and so did Jess at her trying to hard to say the right words.

Jess came close with the cheese in her hand and gave it to her and then sat on my lap and we watched her eat her cheese. Just then Jess looked at me. "Thanks for helping meee!!!" She said happily leaning into my chest, I wrapped my arm around her waist. "Anything for you babe!" I said smiling. She kissed my neck and then saw the hickey. "OH MY GOSH I LEFT A HICKEYYYY!!!" She said staring at it in shock. "It's alright babe it's like a souvenir and I like it cuz I get to see you everyday..on my neck.." I said she smiled and touched the purple spot. "Does it hurt!?" She asked. "No not at all!" I said. She smiled and kissed it again. I smiled at her. She was so cute. I wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend then and there but I wanted to wait till our date tomorrow because I wanted it to be special so I did.

Wtfffff omggggg so many reads thanks sooooo MUCHHH!!!! Ily!!💕 -S

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