The story of you and me😍 L.H.❤️

Luke was living his life as a normal 17 year old, his bands career was starting to develop. He was happy, everything was going well then he met Jess she was a normal 17 year old girls from Sydney who moved to America then came back 13 years later..will they meet and fall in love?! READ TO FIND OUT!!�� #Jukeisreal #5sos #5secondsofsummer #lukehemmings #ashtonirwin #calumhood #michaelclifford


4. 3: First day of school😏

3: first day of school

Jess's POV

*insert iPhone ringtone here*

"Ughh" was all I could say waking up at 6 am was something I dreaded everyday.

But today was the first day of school I wanted time to take a shower..again and choose a good outfit so I woke up 30 mins before my actual wakeup time.

I opened my eyes and took a deep breath, "a new beginning" was all I said and just stared at my bedroom sealing I had a feeling today was gonna be a good day I had butterflies in my stomach and my breath was shaky for some idk why it just was.

I got up from my bed and went into my bathroom stripped down and turned on the hot water and took a quick shower and was out in less than 15 mins. I wrapped a towel around my body and one on my head and walked out of the bathroom and over to my walk-in closet which mostly consisted of suitcases right now but I had set up some clothes from a carry on I had with me my outfit consisted of black skintight skinnies with rips and holes in the knees, and a a black red hot chili peppers' shirt with the red letters yeah it cool and my black vans we can say I looked presentable. I then curled the ends of my hair just a little bit to make it look almost like I didn't do my hair or loose waves if you want to be specific, I then did my usual makeup just mascara and eyeliner I didn't like caking my makeup I feel like it's not me yn.

I grabbed my phone and went downstairs both my parents and sister where sitting on the kitchen island bar stools and then when they saw me they clapped and I didn't get why maybe because it was my first day of senior year in high school and they were proud.

I sat down and my dad emedietly complemented me on my outfit I mean he WAS the one with the good music taste and he DID teach me all I know about music he was a great dad I couldn't ask for better, and my mom just smiled but it was a real smile like a reassuring smile, V clapped and smiled and started singing let it snow take notice it is March and she's singing that we all listened to her singing and stared at her before we couldn't hold it in and just laughed out asses off!! She then asked "jwess why awre you laughing at mwee!?" She yelled laughing too "idk mabe because you were singing Christmas music in March?!" I said and she giggled. My mom gave us piece of toast by this time it was 7:10 school started at 7:30 so I had 10 mins to go and brush my teeth and get to school so I could get everything.

I hurried and brushed my teeth and went back downstairs with my backpack and phone in hand my dad was waiting for me in the car and I got in and he started giving my a speech about starting over and I stopped him and looked at him and asked "dad do you think I'm scared?" I said while we made it to a red light and he looked at me and shrugged "I don't know if you are its your decision if you want to give yourself into the thought of being scared" he said and then the light turned green and right after the light is the school a few blocks away he pulled in and stopped the car and I was about to go out "wait honey! Have an awesome day you can walk home if you want or call mom to come pick you up!" He said smiling I kissed him on the cheek "thanks dad you too love ya!" I said and got out and closed the door and walked to what I thought looked like the office I walked in and a girl with blond hair was standing infront of a desk she looked nice so I walked up to her and tapped her shoulder on her leather jacket she was wearing and she turned around and smiled at me "hi" she said in a nice voice and "hi" I said back "I'm hailey" she said sticking out her hand for me to shake it "I'm Jess" I said back smiling she smiled back and her green blue eyes where sparkling "so are you new here "she asked me "yeah I just moved here from California, what about you?" I asked "I just moved here from Florida" she said I smiled "ok this is cool we can be lost together on the fist day of school!" I said she giggled "yeah" she said also giggling soddenly a teacher walked into the room and we tuned to her and told her we were new and she gave us our schedules I looked at mine then I looked at Hailey's we had THE EXACT. SAME. CLASSES. maybe because it was the first day of school and all the classes where full so we just got whatever was left...

She smiled and I smiled too and she locked arms with me and we walked out of the office and to biology which was down the hallway we walked in and the class was empty there was no one there yet because the bell hadn't rang yet so we introduced ourselves to our teacher "hi I'm Jess and this is Hailey and were new here" I said in a calm tone and she smiled at us "well hello it's nice to have new faces around here once in a while" she said nicely "you can choose any seats you want" she said pointing behind us to the desks "thanks" hailey said and we turned around "so did you too already know each other or something?" she asked sitting on her desk "no we actually just met in the office" we said in sync and we all laughed at the same time and then the bell rang and everyone flew in.

Now Luke...

Luke's POV:

I got to school, it was way to early 7:30 am was too much I walked to my first class with calum by my side Michael and ash had another class together so we went our separate ways after getting out of Ashton's car. We went to biology and walked in I took my regular seat and didn't even look at the other people in the room everyone was talking and the teacher was just sitting at her desk on her phone since it was the first week we didn't really do anything so they just chilled and let us do whatever me and Calum sat down next to each other and we started talking,We where now seniors in high school and we where popular so we always looked our best in our band tees and black skinnies and converse or vans we kept talking until my phone rang from my back pocket I took it out and walked out of the room to answer it when I walked back in the teacher didn't even notice I was walking through the line row of desks when I saw the most beautiful girl I had EVER seen she had blue eyes and light/dark brown hair she was absolutely stunning I didn't realize I had stopped walking or even breathing until I heard the room go quiet and calum "ooooo" at me "close your mouth before you catch a fly" calum said laughing and I closed my mouth and swallowed hard; she was beautiful I couldn't stop looking at her then the teacher cleared her through and calum pulled my arm back to my seat and the two girls giggled and the really pretty one looked back at me and wicked and at that moment I knew she had to be mine she was like something I hand never seen before she almost seemed too good to be true I kept thinking about her until the teacher was standing infront of my desk with a ruler in hand "mr. Hemmings would you care to explain why your not here but in outer space today!?" She asked sternly "urmm, i don't know it's just that I saw something incredible" I said and she laughed "oh really! What was that?" She asked. Shit. "Was it ms. Bauer over here?" she said walking over to this girl, she blushed so hard she even covered her face with her hands and giggled and smiled and looked up at the teacher too, we both did

The teacher smirked and turned away and walked back to her desk just then we both turned to look at each other and made eye contact, her eyes where majestic almost like I could melt in them, the piercing blue yet green made them something amazing. We stared at each other for a minute before calum cleared his throat and I turned my attention well at least I thought to the teacher and just kept thinking about her.

Jess's POV:

"What the hell just happened!?" I elbowed Hailey in her side and she just shrugged her shoulder just as shocked as I was we both stared into space until the bell rang for our next class and we all walked out. When we got to our lockers I saw that That hemmings' Guy's locker was right across from mine (on the other side of the hall) and he was also taking out books and papers, hailey's was one away from mine(there was one in between) and the one in between us happened to be Hemmings' friend who's name I don't know yet but he looked Asian. He walked to his locker with that fuckboy strut you know.

When he got to it he spoke up "well hello there ladies" he said smirking at Hailey And I.

"Hi" Hailey said blushing ALOT

I giggled and he smiled at me

"I'm Calum" he said smiling and holding out his hand for Hailey and I to shake "I'm Jess" I said also smiling along with Hailey "I'm Hailey" she said staring at him in aw.

"Close your mouth hales before you start catching flies" I said mocking calum from earlier.

"Umm" was all she said and glared at me and I laughed. Calum did the same and then the bell rang and calum quickly got out his English book from his locker and started walking and when he was out of sight Hailey went crazy "omg did you see his face!?" "It's beautiful, HES beautiful!!" She said in aw I laughed.

I started walking to English tugging on her arm to come with me and she had her book in hand and when we made it to English we realized that we both fucked up on coming to this school we were all in the same class, that Hemmings guy, Calum, and their other two friends. Now I knew that were all really popular and seemed to have lots of friends.

We sat down and one of Calum's friends with galaxy hair turned his face towards us and smiled "hi" he said in a chill voice "hi" I said while sitting on the desk infront of them. He nudged the Hemmings guy when he saw he was staring at me I looked at hemmo and we made eye contact...again. His face was beyond anything I had ever seen, it was like he was hand carved by God himself. Stunning. I kept staring and then my eyes instantly moves to his biceps. How even is all I thought. He saw me looking and flexed and right then and there I felt a spark like butterflies in my Stomach I giggled and blushed and turned back around to Hailey "what the hell was that!?" I said whispering to her. "That is Luke Hemmings" she said "his name, his name, I've heard it before" I said and she looked at me like I was crazy.

"When I used to live here I went to kindergarten and I think he was in my class" I whispered to her and she lifted her head to look at me "wow so you basically knew him already?!" She asked "I guess" I said laughing and playing with my rings and thinking about how small this big world is.

How come I went to kindergarten with him, and 13 years later in back and he's here. In the same school, looking like a freaking god.? I'm nervous now.

*skip to lunch*

Luke's POV:

I walked into the cafeteria still thinking about her, turns out we have every class together except Our elective (which is the class that you choose) she has art and I have

PE, I want to find out her name so I went to the hall where they put the lists of names of the elective classes and looked for Bauer. "Bauer..Bauer..Bauer. Here we go" "Jessica R. Bauer" I said to myself. The name sounded familiar I had heard it before "Jessica Bauer Jessica Bauer?!" I thaught.

I started thinking about the names of the people in my grades before and then i went all the way back to kindergarten, "Jess Bauer" I said loudly and smiled to myself. So that means I knew her before so I guess we were friends in kinder, "I knew her!" I whispered and took out my phone and snapped a picture of her name and Quickly walked back to the cafeteria.

I walked in I never ate at school I was never in the mood for school food so we always went out for whatever, I walked up to where calum and Ashton where standing talking to someone but I couldn't see who their backs where facing me.

When I reached them I spoke to Calum "ready to go guys?" I asked and he turned around and smiled "yeah sure, we were just talking to Hailey and Jess here" he said "Jess" I whispered to myself yet out loud. The girls smiled and I smiled back then Michael got here finally in starving.

"I'm here, I know I took long, and I know your hungry, I'm starving to but we can go now" he said in a sarcastic voice and moving his hands while talking Hailey and Jess giggled. And I laughed "come on let's go" I said "you guys wanna come?" I asked. They looked at each other and shrugged "sure!" Jess said and we all walked to the cafe in the corner of the street. When we got there I opened the door for the girls and when they where in I let go of it and walked in behind them and left the guys to hold their own door "thanks for holding the door for us too" Michael said very sarcastically matter o factly. I laughed "sorry mike" I said and we sat down on a table outside that had shade over it we were all sitting down and I pulled on my matte black ray bans and I noticed that Jess and I had the exact same pair, I guess she had good taste😏

"omg you guys have the same pair!" Michael said in a little girl voice and Jess laughed I did too while the others also pulled their ray bans on. We looked like friendship goals really. Everyone in their band tees and black skinnies and vans we looked good. Ash must have been thinking the same thing and he pulled out his phone "we should seriously take a picture cuz we look fire!" He said and we all laughed and took a selfie I was sitting next to Jess (coincidence I know right😏) we where sitting in a circle in this order (to my left was Jess and after her was Hailey, then Calum,then Ash and then Mikey on my right.

Everyone started going off in. Their conversations except for me and Jess she looked uncomfortable so I started a conversation "umm hi I'm luke". I said

Jess's POV

"Hi I'm guessing you already know my name but I'm Jess" I said flashing a smile I took off my sun glasses to get a better look at him.

"I see you like the red hot chili peppers!" He said "yeah I love them i also love a lot of other bands but they are in my top 10" I said giving him another smile, "cool I like them too!" "So What other bands do you like?" He asked "umm I guess you can say I don't like what other girls like" I said winking at him, he laughed "well from what I can see you like rock" he said "I do actually!" I said, he smiled at me and I smiled at him, we stayed like that for awile and then he broke the silence between us "let's get outa here!" He said into my ear. I smiled and nodded...


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