The story of you and me😍 L.H.❤️

Luke was living his life as a normal 17 year old, his bands career was starting to develop. He was happy, everything was going well then he met Jess she was a normal 17 year old girls from Sydney who moved to America then came back 13 years later..will they meet and fall in love?! READ TO FIND OUT!!�� #Jukeisreal #5sos #5secondsofsummer #lukehemmings #ashtonirwin #calumhood #michaelclifford


2. 1: meet Jess😻

Jess's POV

Hi my name is Jessica Rose Bauer but my friends call me Jess, I'm 17 years old, I have light/dark brown hair, blue eyes,I still have my accent, I'm Australian but my family and I went to live in America when I was little, but now I guess we're going back home.

I have a little sister her name is Victoria Ann Bauer but we call her Vic or V (vee) for short, she has dirty blonde hair, she's 3 almost turning 3 1/2 years old, she has grey/blue eyes, she's actually quite annoying for a small child who looks like she could do nothing.

my dad he's pretty tall he has dirty blonde hair and green blue eyes, and my mom she's REALLY pretty she has light/dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and she's a really nice human being. My dad got offered a job back in Sydney so we're moving there my sister is pumped about it just because she loves going on planes but me, I'm just hoping I make friends quickly I've actually never switched schools in my life, well except when we came to live in LA for the first time but I was little so that doesn't count. My family is pretty basic working dad, working mom, going to school nothing too outrageous.

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