Ana is normal. An average teen worrying about tests and friends and high school. She lives her life as "normal" as you can get. But what she doesn't know is that someone is watching her from above. Always a shadow lingering....


1. New Kid

"Ana? You listening?"

I look up to the board and acknowledge the teacher.

"Yes, ma'am." I say.

"Then would you be a dear and tell me what I have been talking about the past five minutes?"


"That's what I thought. Turn to page 153 and start reading."


That is my life. Every day, wake up, go to school, return, homework, eat, sleep, repeat. I hate it. There's no excitement, no risks, nothing. Nada. I wish to go somewhere more exciting, you know? Be one of those princesses locked in a tower, but like freeing herself out because she's badass? Yeah, something like that. Well a girl can dream.


I turn on the car and start to drive home. I live in a pretty, gloomy town. We rarely get sunny days, which is ironic because the town is called Sunshine Hills. I'm an only child which means I get the first and last of everything. First and last phone, first and last car, etc. My dad is always at work and my mom is self-employed (at home 24/7 unless there is an emergency or an errand to run).

I get home and run upstairs, preparing to read my heart out (the only way out of reality), when my mom calls to me from the kitchen.

"Ana! Your father and I are going on a vacation, so you're going to be home for awhile."

"Oh, Ok! When are you leaving?" I holler back.

"Tomorrow morning!"

"Well then, goodnight!" I yell.

"What, no dinner?"

"I'll eat a big breakfast tomorrow." I say impatiently, waiting to be free to start reading.

"Uggh," I hear my mom groan downstairs.

"Then goodnight."


And with that, I leap into bed and start reading (leaving homework on my desk, unnoticed).


(next morning)

"Ok, kiss." My mom demands.

"Fine." I kiss her cheek.

"Well see you in two weeks sweetie, bye!" My mom says sweetly, while I hug my dad.


I watch as they enter their car and drive off. Finally, alone. I quickly do my homework-last minute while shoving the last bits of my cereal in my mouth. I rush to my car and quickly unlock it. Ahhh. Another day at Sunshine Hills High School. Cannot wait.

As I drive smoothly out of my driveway, my bestie Emma calls me.

"Ana, you will not believe the news I have for you today." She says a little too excited into the mouth piece.

"What?" I say grumbling. Believe it or not but I am not a morning person.

"There's a new student joining today." Ok, now she got my attention. We haven't gotten a new student in years. This is a small town, and the chance of people moving in is very unlikely.

"His name is Peter, and he is in our grade!!" she squeals.

"And I happen to be the one who gets to show him around. Isn't this great!!?!?!?"

I whince. Her voice was so loud that I had to put her on speaker every time she called me.

"Well, see you there Emma." I hang up.

As I pull into my usual spot at the parking lot of my school, I see a black, sleek car pull in. No one, and I mean no one, pisses me off in the morning. Everybody knows to back off because my temper can and will explode-no one wants to be involved in that. 

I park parallel to the spot and come out of the car. I stomp of to the black car and knock at the driver's window.

"Get out of that spot. It's my spot and everyone here knows that."

The driver slowly rolls down his window and smirks.

"Sorry princess, but I got here first. Finders keepers."

That, unfortunately, does not help the situation.

"Move your ass out of the spot and drive away." I manage to say through my clenched teeth.

"Not. Happening." The driver comes out of the car and holds out a hand.

"I'm Peter. Nice meeting you, but I'm going to be late for class." He winks, then walks away as if nothing happened.

"Oh he is so dead..." I say to myself.


The bell rings as I seat myself next to Emma.

"Hey Ana, I'd like to introduce someone new."

There he was; the devil himself sitting on the other side of Emma's desk.

"Oh, I believe we've already met. Ana, is it?"

"Noooooo way. No fricking way am I talking to you. Nope. Nuh uh."

"Guess what princess, you're talking to me now."

Emma giggles.

"Oh Ana, don't be mean to him on the first day. You know better than that."

"Emma. He. Stole. My. Fricking. Car. Spot."

"Just chill, 'kay?"

"Mgggrh." I grumble.

"Good. Now behave and I'll treat you to ice cream. I'll buy your favorite, cookies and cream!"



I sit quietly for the rest of the day and study Peter. He has auburn hair, a little wild strands sticking out in the back, a nice body build, green eyes twinkling with mischief.

The day moves by quickly, and my need for ice cream had increased by then, so I call for Emma and as we are about to leave Peter stops by to say bye.

"Hey Princess, Emma. Where you going?"

"I promised Ana ice cream. Hey, do you want to come with us?"

"Sure. I have nothing else to do."

"Except homework.." I mumble.

"Actually, I did my homework during study hall so I'm free." Peter says with pride.

"Does he have to come?" I whine to Emma.

"Yes, now don't be a brat. We have some ice cream to eat."


(At home)

I was so tired that I practically fell asleep on the couch. The last face I thought of before I fell into a deep slumber was that stupid, pretty boy's face Peter. Damn you.....


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