3. II.

Sibelina frantically attempted to force the massive hand from her mouth; failing miserably. Tears continuously streaked down her cheeks, the moonlight glistening off of the droplets.

A deep voice suddenly sounded from above the struggling girl, "Will you shut  your petty little mouth if I let go?" She nodded vigorously, choking back a silent sob in her throat.

After a moment, she was finally able to maintain her breathing at a rhythmic pace. The blue-eyed man -presumably- fell back on his bum on the dampened grass, a sigh puffing past his chapped, cold lips.

Sibelina dared to sit up from her slouched position, arms supporting her weight as she self consciously pulled her dress back passed her knees. The girl shuddered at the discovery that his intimidating cold eyes focused on her intensely.

A thick tension spread over the atmosphere of the two, causing it to become increasingly awkward. It's almost as if you could cut the air with a knife, it was that suffocating.

Finally, he broke the silence, "Why are you out here at this time of night?" He studied the woman, expressionless.

She didn't utter a word for a long period of time. He decided not to press further as he stood from his place on the ground, holding his bulky hand out; offering for Sibelina to grasp.

When she didn't bother laying a finger on him, he tugged her up by her arm forcefully, pulling her along with him as he dragged her out of the large field and off to some unknown location.

The thumping of her heartbeat was rabid against her ribcage, so desperately she wanted to run away, though she knew better than to make such an idiotic mistake that could only get her punished.

The only sound was the crunching of leaves beneath their feet or the occasional scuff of gravel beneath the man's boot.

Sibelina's focus was alerted when a dimly lit shadow casted on the dampened grass. Slowly, her gaze traveled from the ground to a small loft, the soft light of the front entry area  illuminating the outside of the property.

The man suddenly halted, the tugging on her arm lessened as he took a breath. He glanced at the frightened girl next to him who cowered into herself. "You coming?" He looked impatient.

She didn't have any chance for a response seeming how he once again jerked her along with his long strides. Sibel stumbled forward, not falling because of his grasp on her arm.

A loud voice suddenly boomed, the man freezing in his place. "Who's there?!" It was feminine voice, a woman skids to a stop on her front porch with a shotgun in her hands, white robe halfway off her body. The still unnamed man shoved Sibelina around the corner of the medium sized house. The same voice spoke, "Augustus? What are you doing out here? I told you what would happen the next time you snuck out, get your ass in this house this instant!"

Augustus, from what the woman, presumably his mother, called him looked at her quickly before retreating up the lining path. Sibelina stood confused and looking for a way to go. But, she had no idea where he had dragged her.

The loud slamming of the door confirmed that Augustus was gone, leaving Sibel outside in the middle of the night without anyone around. Before she could take a few steps, a window opened and large hands once again grasped onto the material of her wool shall. She squeaked, looking back at him. He didn't say anything before looking behind himself and then tugging the girl inside.

Sibelina hit the floor with a low thump, the air knocked from her lungs. The hands hold was gone. For that, she couldn't be more thankful. "Get up, you can't be seen here." Augustus dropped the blinds and drew the drapes, assuring that no one could peer in.

Sibelina scrambled to her feet, taking a few steps back from the looming man before her. In the dim lighting of his room, his appearance was of one who may have been in his late teens. Though it was strange to admit, this lad was very attractive.

She mentally slapped herself, she couldn't have had those thoughts! Her mother would be so disappointed in her if those opinions consumed her mind.

There was a stretched silence- the faint sound of a clock ticking from somewhere in the medium sized room. Sibelina took in her surroundings, a large bed with a thick wool duvet settled in the midst of the room accompanied by an adequately sized side-table. A white candle rested atop the oak wood, the wick lit and casting a faint glow in the walls and the floor surrounding it. A built-in window seat rested against the wall below an incredibly large window that stretched from top to the trim of the ceiling. Hardwood floors were shiny and polished, a black mat rested at the foot of the vast bed and a small wicker stand stood in the left hand corner, a basket containing what looked like roses on top.

The room itself was pretty plain excluding the small paneling details around the trim on the floor. The walls were a dark oak wood, the whole aura of the room was very cosy; not too big nor too small.

She was snapped out of her thoughts by the man plopping on his mattress, the bed dipping from his weight. Sibel stood awkwardly in the center of the floor, the man looking at her with an amused smirk. For the first time, she spoke, "W-what are you doing? W-why am I here?" She cringed at the weak tone of her shaky state.

The lad chuckled amused, "Why were you outside at the dead of night?" She frowned, looking at her feet.

"My parents locked me out." She mumbled, surprised that he could have picked up on what she had just said.

"Why would they do that to their own daughter?" Sibelina shrugged, crossing her arms and looking at Augustus.

"I shouldn't be here, the consequences will be grand." The abrupt statement caused the smirk to dissipate from his face.

"There's no way that I'm allowing you to stay out in a shack for the night. You aren't leaving this house until dawn. I don't care what you say, you aren't leaving this house let alone this room." His tone was stern, each word working its way into the girl's head. The woman shook her head frantically.

"No, I can't! What if I'm caught? I'll be put before the headmasters and-" Her rambling was cut.

"Stop babbling, you'll be fine. I'll get you out of here and back to your home before your parents awake. I'll be sure that nothing happens, you'll be fine. Lay down, it's late, you don't want to be tired." Reluctantly, Sibelina laid down on the mattress, pulling the covers over herself before closing her eyes, but not without sneaking a glance at Augustus. He was staring back at her. With cheeks flushed, she closed her eyes again, soon enough sleep enveloped her.

- (This represents a time skip.)

Sibel was awoken abruptly by the shaking of her shoulder. Her eyes were wide as she regained her surroundings again. Augustus was standing at the side of the bed, clad in a new outfit from what he had been wearing prior. "Get up, I need to get you back before your parents notice that you aren't there." With her heart starting to race, she scrambles from the covers, the boy in front of her already leading the way. He stopped suddenly, turning to face her and whispering almost inaudible, "Don't make a sound, my mother is asleep in that room." He gestures to a door right across from them. He creeps his way down the steps, Sibelina following behind as he leads her out of the home and onto the front lawn that was now more visible.

"Follow me, and don't wander off." Sibelina nodded and trailed behind Augustus. Soon enough, she was standing on the familiar grounds of her own property line. Augustus stopped walking, turning to the small girl. "You'll see me again." With that, he leaves her, sprinting across the mildewed grass.

Sibelina stood frozen, comprehending what had just happened in the passed eleven hours and thirty-five minutes. Before she can think anything, there's a voice shouting, "Sibelina!"

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