The Girl With The Luna Tattoo


5. Chapter 5

Kendra's POV


I woke up to breathing on my neck. It was Ashton. He said he was sleeping over cuz apparently he doesn't want me alone. Ugh. I can take care of myself right? Right!


All of a sudden I heard my phone ringing. I looked the time while answering it. ITS 12 in the afternoon! "Hello?" I asked in the phone. "Hey, this is Luke." "Oh hey Luke nice to hear from you but not trying to sound rude but how did you get my number?" While asking that Ashton groans. "Oh uh, I got it from Ashton, who is that?" "Oh it's Ashton." I said calmly. "Ashton is sleeping with you." he asked confused "Well, Ashton did sleepover. Why?"  I ask wondering what he was getting at. "Oh no reason."  he says."So why you called? Not trying to be rude."  I said."Oh well Ashton won't answer his phone but since he's with you. I was wondering if you two would like to go to the beach?" he asked nervous. All of a sudden I started getting butterflies in my stomach. Ummmmm that's weird. I don't like him. He's has a girlfriend and even if he didn't. Ashton has been saying I act weird around him but I only have seen him 2 times. The pool and at band practice and I really just dropped of Ashton cuz I wanted to hang out with Tatiana.


But I don't know, do I like him cuz I don't want to like someone that is in love with someone else you know what I mean. Oh and Ashton really is annoying me about seeing Tatiana again like why don't you be a man and ask her out already. Ugh. I have to do everything. "Yeah sure but can I bring a friend?" I asked nicely. "Oh yeah sure. Are you going to bring Tatiana cuz I think Ashton would like that. He's been talking about her even since she got here and that was 1 week ago. Wow. The guy really likes her." "Yeah he does we've hanged out with her and I felt like the third wheel. But I love her cuz he would hog her from me and she will feel bad and start a conversation with me." I said giggling remembering yesturday. He started laughing has well. "So I will see you guys there in a hour." He asked. "Yeah we will meet you there." I said smiling. "Yeah" he said. I ended the call smiling. Is it just me or did I feel him smiling has well. Nah!



Ashton's POV


I was watching Kenz talk to Luke on the phone. She was smiling the whole time. I swear she likes him. But she always denies it. Like the time at the pool, they talked for hours and they didn't even notice, plus I saw him touch her tattoo. I have noticed the way Luke looks at her and I don't know if I like it. Kendra is like a sister me. We grow up together. I'm like a big brother to her even though we the same age. I feel like the big brother cuz she's short and......that doesn't matter. The point is that I don't want her to be heart broken. I was once and she picked up the pieces but I don't want to do it cuz it's just gonna make me in pain cuz she in pain. But if it does happen and her heart really is broken, first I'm gonna beat the guy up and second I'm gonna pick up the pieces maybe with Tatiana's help cuz I can see she cares about her. OH TATIANA! I almost forgot I want to ask Tatiana out on a date. I swear she my dream girl, my happiness , my everything. I got to know her and I don't know but I can't stop thinking about her. She's so beautiful. I gonna ask Kenz to help me. She knows what to do.


~Picking up Tatiana~

I told Ashton everything and he said wanted to . So we got all our stuff and I started driving. "Ummm, where you going the beach is that way." He asks. "I'm going to pick up Tatiana." I said smirking. "SHE WHAT?! She's coming? Oh my god I'm a mess...." He keeps on rambling on. I know he was gonna react this way so I didn't tell him....... And he was gonna take longer getting ready. We just going to the beach, he such a girl. " I thought I told you. Sorry!" I said smirking while he was checking his hair in the mirror. He gives me the death glare. "You suck." He says. I started laughing. 


We got to the front of her house and I texted her and just like that she was out. She had a tote bag with her. She was wearing a simple black muscle tee with jean shorts with flip flops with her hair in a bun. She got in the car and put bag on the seat and hugged me. "Hey Kenz! I'm so excited. I can't wait to have fun with you guys." She says smiling. I see Ashton getting nervous. I hit his arm. "Hey Tatiana, how's your day going?" He asks smiling like crazy while I started driving to the beach. They started to talk and I was proud of Ashton cuz he was actually having a simple but interesting conversation with her and Ashton asked me to help him ask her out so I gave him a tips and role plays, not gonna lie it was the weirdest thing ever!


Once we got there Ashton call them. When we got out and got the things out of the car. I picked up the cooler and while walking Calum and Michael thought it was a great idea to scare me so they did. I was about to drop the cooler but luckily Luke was behind me and caught it. "Oh my god! Thanks so much. You guys scared me." I said laughing and playfully hitting Calum that was dying.


Tatiana POV

Once we started to walk I saw that Kenz was talking to Luke while he held the cooler that she almost dropped. That was funny. I don't know is it just me or does he like her. Cuz I totally see the way he looks at her. It's the same way Ashton looks at me. I look at him. God, he's so beautiful.


Ashton's POV

I noticed the way Kendra looks at Luke. It's the same way Luke looks at her. Ugh. I don't know I trust him but...... Never mind I look at Tatiana. WHOS RIGHT NEXT TO ME BY THE WAY! God, she's so beautiful.


Once we settled the things down I noticed Tatiana starring at Kendra and Luke talking. They talk a lot. I noticed her smiling. I guess she knows. "Do you think Kendra likes Luke?" I asked her. She looks at me. "Yeah but think it flows both ways." She says. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I mean they both like each other and I think Kendra is figuring out but Luke doesn't it." She says smiling. "But I'm scared." I said looking down." Don't be I know you really care about her. To be honest, in the beginning I always got jealous cuz you were always with her. But then I saw it. I saw that you care about not like your inlove. You care her like a sister and I love that about you. You're so caring." She says giggling. She was jealous about Kendra?! "Hey, I want to tell you something." I said.


Tatiana's POV

"What do you need to tell me?" I asked nicely. He turns so he could be in front of me. He grabs both of my hands. Than he strokes my cheeks. "Tatiana, I'm like you.....a lot. And I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me Friday night? Will you?" He says looking at me with those green eyes and charming smile. I start blushing like crazy. He just asked me out. Omg!! Say yes Tatiana! "Yes yes yes!" I yell squealing. He stands up smiling like crazy and pulls me up and hugs me.


Kendra's POV


I don't know but maybe I do like Luke. For some reason, his girlfriend is not here but I'm not gonna ask. He turn around when hears the squealing. I guess Ashton asked her on a date. That's good for them. "Ummmmmm......" He trails off. "Ashton ask her out of a date." I said smiling. "Oh that's good I know how much he likes her." He says. ", I'm gonna go ask Tatiana and Ashton if they want to go to the water." I said getting up. "Oh so you don't ask me I'm not important. I get it. I get it." He says with a fake sad face. "No, Luke.-I sighed- Do you want to go in the water?" I asked him smiling. "Yes, of course." He says getting up.


"Hey, you guys and congrats!" I said. "Do you guys want to go in the water cuz Calum and Michael are in so." Luke says. "Yeah I'll go!" Tatiana yells and get up. I stand next to Tatiana. We look at each other and start talking about the date while take off our clothes revealing our Bikinis while Ashton and Luke where talking about something. Mine was a black bikini and Tatiana was a pink and purple polka dotted bikini. It really suited her. She looks hot and I'm over here looking like a fat potato. Ugh. All of a sudden. I heard the talking stopped. I look up and I see the boys starring at me from up and down and Ashton drooling on Tatiana. Haha. That's funny. But it feels so awkward. I look at Tatiana.


She looks at me with a "this is awkward" face. " Hey, Guys! Want to go the beach or Ashton do you want to stay and drool all over Tatiana?" I stated smirking. He looks at me angry. "No-o I wa-asn't drooling." He says angrily. The boys response to a yes . "Of course! We've been waiting!" Michael says pointing at Calum and himself. "Okay let's go." I said walking to the water with Tatiana talking to me. While the boys were back of us. All of a sudden I see Tatiana being carried by Ashton over his shoulder. Then I felt me being lifted and over his shoulder. It was Calum. "Put me down! Put me down!" Yelled giggling. The whole day I spent with Michael and Calum. Luke distance himself from me for some reason. He would talk to Michael or Calum or even Ashton who was spending his whole time with Tatiana, I just think they're so adorable.(squeal) but yeah like what happened to the conversation we had earlier.


Luke's POV

Can't talk to her, Kendra. She so beautiful but I don't know. I think I'm starting to like not only by her appearance but by her personality and the way she is. I even got a little jealous when Calum carried her in his shoulder. I like her and we get into conversations that it feels like it's only us but........ I can't. I might like her but I'm not inlove with her but soon I know I will so I can't talk to her. I only love one girl and that is Arzaylea, right?



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