The Girl With The Luna Tattoo


4. Chapter 4

Today is the day, I am meeting Tatiana at the airport. OMG OMG OMG. Her flight gets here around 9:15 am. It's 7:30 and I just woke up. I need to get ready. I met her aunt yesterday and she said that she would gladly take me with her to the airport. She's really nice. When I asked Ashton to go he said "he is to nervous to go" so I told him that she wanted to meet him and he got so happy..... Weird so now he going just cuz I told him that.........I promise you, I didn't lie plus I was talking to her yesterday and I already talked about Ashton with her but not that he likes her but I showed her picture and she did the same face Ashton did. Oh god. I already see it coming, I'm gonna be the third wheel FOR REAL but anyways she asked for him yesterday and asking questions if he's gonna go. I know she wants him there.


After I changed and did everything. I changed into a white Green day shirt with a black skater skirt with my black vans.


When I checked my phone it was already 8:30 and like that Ashton ringed the doorbell. I ran down stairs and their was well groomed Ashton. He did his hair today?! I sniffed him. He also put cologne. Oh god. "What?!" He asked weirdly when I sniffed him. "You did your hair and you put cologne on. Oooooooo, someone really likes her?" I said bothering him. "Uh no I always do this." He says seriously while walking in. "Uh yeah sure." I said sarcastically. "Yes I do!" He wines. "Uh no you don't. You're really gonna fight with the one that seen you everyday." I said. "You haven't seen me everyday." He says walking towards the mirror in the bathroom. "Uh-uh yeah sure. Then why are you checking yourself in the mirror?" I asked smirking. "No reason. God Kendra. Why are you all up in my grill?" He asked waving his hand in my face. After 3 seconds we started laughing.


Grace picks up us and we are sitting in the back sit. Grace is Tatiana's aunt the one that Tatiana is going to live with now. "So....." She trails off. "How do you know Tatiana? How did you guys meet?" She asks looking me in the rear end mirror. "We met off of Instagram. See, she requested me and I accepted her and I saw that in her insta she liked the same things has me so I sent her and text on Instagram and we got to know each other and we became friends from there." I said calmly. "Oh okay. It's just that Tatiana is such a sweet girl but she lived in a awful home I always asked her to live with me in Australia but she knew nobody here and it's very very very hard for her to make friends. It's like she needs to have a click with that person from the moment they meet. She's a special girl. I love her a lot." She says smiling. I can tell she cares about her a lot.



Tatiana's POV

OMG OMG OMG!!! I just landed in...... AUSTRALIA!!!!!! I can't wait to see my aunt I haven't seen her in a long time and meeting Kendra in real life for the first time.........OMG!!!! I can't wait but........ I don't know. Ever since Kendra showed me a picture of Ashton and her. I thought he was so handsome like God hot. He's so beautiful but he will never like me. I'm 60% fan girl, 10% dark, and 30% nerd. No guy like that would like me. For some reason I wear a lot of black and I like a lot of bands and I'm shy but back in my old school I had no friends. Everybody thought I was a hoe or a slut. They always called me that. I get bullied a lot. But I don't know why they called me that if I am virgin. I've never had intercourse. Oh sorry I mean sex. See, that where the 30% nerd comes from.


I get off the plane and I couldn't find them so I went to go get my luggage.


When I got them, I went back to where I was when I got off and the first thing I saw was the side of Kendra's head. Omg she's here and she really is short, she wasn't lying. I yelled her name and she looked at me and we started running to each other.


Kendra's POV


We've been waiting for so long well not that long but longer them usual. I looked to my right and I see a nervous Ashton. Well, I can tell his nervous cuz he does this this thing with his face that makes me laugh. He tries to act fine but instead does a very hilarious face. I started laughing. "What?!" He asks angrily. "Ooooo, sorry mr. grumpy pants." I said giggling. I look straight. After looking for 2 minutes, I hear my name being yelled. "Kendra!" It yelled. I turn and I see Tatiana with her luggages. She starts smiling and let's go of her luggages so I started running to her and she did the same. When we hugged I accidentally fell backwards and she landed on me. We looked at eachother and started laughing. Ashton came to us and he pulled me up and then Tatiana.


Ashton's POV

OMG! She's right there and she's looking beautiful as ever. I saw Kendra and Tatiana falling on eachother. Oh god, she's clumsy and crazy like Kendra but she so beautiful when she does it. Sorry sorry back to reality..... Oh god I'm drooling. I wiped it off and went to offer them help to get up. I lifted up Kendra and then her. Oh...... My...... Goddess, her eyes are perfect shade of brown. Oh sweet heaven, let me live. "Thank you." She said smiling. Did...I make her smile? Yes!!!!! She hugged her aunt and started talking to Kenz while grabbing her luggage. Wait no I need to do that! I'm the gentleman! "Hey! Wait! Let me take theses." I said to her smiling. While following her aunt to her car.


Tatiana's POV

Oh my goodness! He's so kind but maybe that's all I'm ever gonna get..... Kindness. Am I blushing? Oh god I am!!!


Kendra's POV

I totally see myself has the third wheel soon. Dear Lord, save me.

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