The Girl With The Luna Tattoo


3. Chapter 3

A\N: Hey! I hope you like this chapter! I will try to make a longer chapter for you my loves and no hate with Arzaylea. I couldn't really think of a name and Arzaylea just popped up in my head so yeah. No hate. I think she a really beautiful girl. ☺️

Kendra's POV

I came back with my bikini on I put a shirt on top. I feel really insecure right now. But Ashton going to be there so I'm okay. I walked though the back door and the first thing I see was Luke and Arzaylea kissing, okay? I saw Ash with his swim shorts on already. I walked to him. "Kendra, made it!" Calum yells from the pool with Michael. "Kenz, get in!" Michael yelled. Ashton was on his phone sit on the chair. I stood in front on him. He looked at me. I smiled at him. He smiles back and got up, put his phone away and hugged me. "Why are you are you so nervous? Do you feel uncomfortable? Cuz I'm right here, okay?" He whispered in my ear cuz he knows I would be embarrassed if he said it out loud. "I'm fine it's just I'm getting in a pool with boys and I have a bikini on. My insecurities is really kicking in." I told him. He look at me weirdly. "Do you like one of them cuz you get like that when you like a boy! I know you." He says smiling. Hopefully none of them heard us. WHAT! Why would he think that?! "No! I do not!" I said kinda loudly. "Ok ok, I'm sorry......." He tails off. He hugs me again. While hugging me he asks me a question. "You would tell me if that happens, right?" He asks giggling. I gave him the death glare. He starts laughing. "I'm going in the pool!" Luke yells and takes off his shirt. Holy Crap he got a 6 pack, how is that possible. Oh crap he's really hot. Than he jumps in the pool.


Ashton then gets excited and jumps in. After that everyone looks at me. "Come on Kendra!!!" Ashton yells. "Yeah Kenz you can do it." Michael says. "Okay!" I said excitedly. The boys started getting excited since I joined in. I took off my shirt and let my body show.

Luke' POV

HOLY CRAP! She has a body! Its like it was carved from God himself. She has everything. And plus it's perfect with a natural face. Holy crap, she is a Goddess! Wait, no no no......... I'm in love with Arzaylea. I'm I?


Calum POV

Holy COW. She got a body and that booty though............. Sorry, Sorry, she's just a friend but she's so pretty. 


Michael POV

OKAY. OKAY. She look like such a innocent girl but when that shirt comes off it beats a soul of a modal. GOD DAMN! She's hot but is just me or does Luke like her? I wish he does cuz honestly, I think they look cute together.

Ashton POV

Why is the boys looking at her like that........ like the Goddess just entered. Oh God. Please don't tell me they all like her. Damn you Kendra's modal like body. But I don't really see it, maybe it's because there's only one girl for me.

Kendra's POV

"Okay ready?!" I yelled. "Yeah!" The cheered. I ran and jumped in. I got up giggling.



(End of the Day)


Kendra's POV

The boys are awesome. Their so cool I really got to know them today but I didn't really talk to Luke but that's okay I don't mind. The boys were still in the pool and it was 4:30 already. I got out and wrapped myself with a towel and sat on a chair and went on my phone. I few minutes later I decided to put my shirt back on.


When I was about to do that Luke sat on the chair next to me. "Hey." He says smiling. "Hi." I I say back. It became a awkward silence. "So I see you like blink-182. What's your favorite song?" He asked braking the silence. "Oh well their music great but I would say my favorite is give me one good reason." I said smiling. "Oh wow, you really do listen to their music. A lot of people will just say I miss you is their favorite cuz that's the only one that they know." He says surprised. " well I hang out with Ashton a lot and we basically exchange our favorite music and we listen it together." I said looking at his beautiful blue eyes. "Anyways about that, are you guys....." He says pointing at me and then at him. "NO! We are not dating we are just best friends, more like my brother. (I look down) He's basically my only family. My mom is always on business trips so I don't see her alot." I said saying that last part quietly. He looks at me. "Well, you have us now." He says smiling. I smiled at him. "You don't have any other friends, like school?" He asks. "I do but she lives in America. ( I smile) But guess what?" I ask him. "What?" he asks. " She's actually coming to live here." I said happy. "Oh that's awesome!" he says. "Yeah, it is." I said smiling. "Do you have any tattoos? Cuz I could see you a moon on the back of your neck." He said. "Yeah, I do. You want to see it?" I asked. He nods. I turn around and I lifted my hair. "See it?" I asked. "Can I touch it?" He asked nervously. I giggled. "Yeah. Have ever seen a tattoo?" I asked feeling his touch on my tattoo. "I have. It's so cool. I want to get one. Does yours mean anything?" He asks. "Yeah it does." I said. " Would you like to tell me?" He asks. I turned around to look at him. "Yeah sure." I said. 


After that Luke and I started talking and I got to know him really well and I think it's cute that he loves penguins.

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