The Girl With The Luna Tattoo


2. Chapter 2

Ashton's POV


I woke up to Kendra chatter. I think she talking to Taitana. I rolled over my bedside table and turned on my phone. It's 1:43 in the morning! Kenz needs to sleep. "Kendra! Get some sleep!" I said in a angry/sleepy voice. Kendra is sleeping over today cuz I asked her too. Her mom is out of town and my mom told me to invite her over so I did. I love her to much, well like a sister. I care about her. " I'm going!" She says angrily. "I talk to you tomorrow, Tati!" She says happily. "Love you too Gurl!" Said a girl's American accent, I think that's Taitana. I don't know but Yesterday Kendra showed me a picture of Taitana and man! She's gorgeous. She's like the prettiest girl I have ever seen but apparently in America she gets bullied a lot cuz she different. Like how can you bully a girl like that. She looks like a model......maybe to me of course. She got the curves and everything and that curly hair man! I can't I just can't. "Love you too girl!" Kendra says trying to say it in American accent. I giggled. She gets up from the floor and looks at me. "Why you laughing?" She asked smiling. "Cuz it's funny when you try to talk like that." I said laughing. "Haha very funny." She says sarcastically. "Okay get in bed you need to sleep." I tell her. "Okay." She chirped.


Kendra's POV


I get into bed with Ashton and I lay on the other side of him. I closed my eyes. 5 minutes into my sleep I feel Ashton's arms whip around my waist and like that I fell asleep.


Ashton's POV


I woke up to a doorbell. OH carp! I overslept! I got up out of bed and turned around and wake up Kendra but I didn't want to wake her so I ran down stairs and opened the door and revealed the guys and Luke's girlfriend. They were staring at me weird. "Bro, wears your shirt?" Michael asked giggling. They boys did has well. Arzaylea just starred at me...... Smiling? "Oh sorry I just.... woke up come in." I said. I heard footsteps coming from upstairs, it's Kendra. "Ashton! Where's my phone? I need to call Taitiana!" She yelled from upstairs. "It's charging on my bedside table." I yell back. "Oh okay got it." She yelled back. "Ummm, is that Kendra?" Calum asked. "Yeah." I said. "Did she sleepover?" Michael asked weirdly. "Ummmmm, yeah. What's the problem?" I asked wondering what he was getting at. " oh nothing I was just asking." He said smiling. "Okay so the pool is in the back and my mom left snacks on the table so yeah." "Oh cool!" Calum and Michael exclaimed, running to the backyard. "Baby, come with me. I always feel like they are starring at me." Arzaylea said. Urgh. "Wait I need to talk to Ashton alone." He said frustrated while she walks away. She stops and smirks at me, looking at me from up and down."Hey!" She said smirking. "Hi?" I said back. I turn to Luke "Ashton, I was wondering- I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It's Kendra. "Ashton!!! You don't know, what just happened..... but I shouldn't be happy about this but I'm!!!" Kendra says jumping up and down in my face. "Kendra, wait." I turned to Luke who looked frozen. Ummmm...


Luke's POV


Oh my GOD! She the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Wait! No I have arzaylea but she just woke up and is beautiful as ever..... Wait does Ashton have a thing with her..... Wait No! I love arzaylea!


Kendra's POV


SO GUESS WHAT TAITANA IS COMING!!!! I shouldn't be happy but her parents died....... Yeah....... In a car crash but then again they never loved Taitiana! They were BAD PEOPLE says Tatiana. Taitana won't tell why they are but I believe her and it doesn't really bother her andddddd...... SHES COMING HERE cuz her aunt lives here and guess what!!!! She's just lives 2 street over from me. This is so exciting!!!! My two best friends are going to meet each other. I NEED TO TELL ASHTON!!! I ran down stairs yelling his name. I saw him talking to..... I think his name is Luke but I didn't care. After Ashton basically told to shut up, I went to the kitchen to eat something. Is it just me or the way how that Luke guy was staring at me, that's not Normal, right? But not gonna lie he's hot. But to bad he's taken. Even if that would have changed anything for me. I'm a weirdo.


Finally when I finished I went upstairs to changed at least a little decent. I put on a black high waisted shorts with a white blink-182 the album cover muscle tee with no shoes cuz I'm home so. My hair was down but since I have short hair it's not that hot for me. I didn't put make up on.


When I was about to go downstairs, Ashton came into his room. "Hey! I want to introduce you to the boys but what did you want to tell me?" He asked smiling. "Oh! Guess what!" I asked jumping up and down. And looking up cuz he's that tall. " what?" Asking curiously. "Tatiana is coming!!!!!" I yelled.


After I told him everything he seem.......nervous?


Ashton's POV

OH MY GOD!! She coming to live here! I want this right? But what happens she doesn't like me? What happens she thinks I'm ugly? Oh god oh god oh god


Kendra's POV

Do you like her?! I asked so happy. I always knew he liked her but never asked and he always asked for her and the time I showed him her Instagram his facial expressions was so noticeable or maybe is because I could read him better then he could read himself. "Okay? I can't lie to you. Yeah I do...ALOT." He said saying that last part louder. "Yes!!!! You guys are perfect!!!I yelled so happy. My two best friends together yes!!! But we need to get Taitana to like him.


We get downstairs and Ashton tells me to grab the snacks and bring outside so I did and I followed him. We made it outside and when we did the boys were just starring at me and I looked at the girl she was wearing a bikini that basically showed everything. It wasn't even sexy it looked disgusting....well I'm guessing that Arzaylea. "Put it here." Ashton commanded. "Okay." I said. The guys saw the food so they ran up to it. "Hey guys, this is Kenz." He said introducing me. "Kenz, this Luke" pointing the blond one from earlier "this is Michael" the one with the red hair " and this is Calum" oh yeah the one that looks Asian but isn't. "Nice to meet you all." I said shaking my hand with them. "So Kenz, are you gonna go in the water?" Calum asked. "No not really." I said. "Oh come on, Ashton has told us so much about you. You're so much more fun from the way Ashton describe you." Michael says. "I don't know....." I said. I kinda like them they seem like fun but if I want to make Ashton happy by being friends, okay. I will go in. "Please? Have fun with us." Ashton said. "Please!!!" Calum, Michael, and Ashton said at the same time. While Luke just stood there nervous. Why is he nervous? " FINE! I'll go get my bathin suit I will come back." I said walking out the door. "Yes!" All of them said even Luke. When I walked out I saw Arzaylea giving me the death glare like I did something. Oh god.

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