The Girl With The Luna Tattoo

A girl that lives a normal life. Is best friends with the drummer of a band but what happens when she falls in love with lead guitarist that goes on tour for a year? Will it go great or will it end badly before the tour starts? And will the famous lead guitarist brake up with his cheating girlfriend? Find out in The Girl With The Luna Tattoo.


1. Chapter 1


For starters let me introduce myself, I'm Kendra Carson and I'm 16 years old. I live in Sydney, Australia. I'm short with brown wavy hair and brown/green eyes. I don't really have friends, I just have Ashton. Ashton is my best friend ever since a we were little. He was and still is my next door neighbor.His family is basically the only family I have. See, my mom is a single mom and she is a flight attendant so she not here a lot. She to far away place so kind of like international. I'm an only child so I’m really lonely. Now, let’s get to know a little bit about me other than the fact that my life is depressing, I like a lot of bands so music is a big part of my life. Also,  I have only one tattoo and it's a luna tattoo behind my neck. I got in a few months ago. It represents those nights when my mom and I would watch the moon, laying on the grass. Our favorite was the half moon. I miss my mom.


Kendra's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing. I look up to my bedside table and grabbed it."Hello?" I asked with my sleepy voice. "Hey Kenz! I was wondering if you would like to come over my mom is having a cookout. Would you like to come over?” He asked. Urgh I’m sleeping. Remind me why I love him…….. Oh yeah he's my only friend. Well, I do have my good friend Tatiana but she lives in America. I met her on Instagram. She requested me and I saw that we like the same things so I dm her and ever since then we talked. Even FaceTime or Skype, whatever you would like to call it.  "Yes, Ashton. I'm coming right now." I answered. "Awesome! I'll be waiting." He hangs up.


I got out of bed, grabbed my towel, and went into my bathroom. Yes, I know what you are thinking,  I have my own personal bathroom. I like it that way. I have privacy. I go in and take off my clothes and hang my towel on the hook. I went into the shower turned it on, letting the hot water hit my body. After I was done, I grabbed my towel dried myself off and wrapped it around my fragile body and walked out of the bathroom. I walked straight to my closet. I stood there wondering what to wear. What I chose was grey joggers with a arctic monkeys shirt with my black vans. I went back to the bathroom and put mascara and I combed out my hair and put a little bit of cream in my hair so it won't get frizzy.

When I was finally finished, I grabbed my phone and keys and headed out the door. I went through the back door to the yard and close it behind me. The first thing I saw was Ashton's mom and aunt in front the grill trying to turn it on. His mom saw me first. "Oh Hello, Kendra. Go inside dear, Ashton is playing fifa inside." She says guiding me inside. I giggle. She open the glassed sliding door and we were in the kitchen. "So Ashton upstairs." She says to me with a smile. " Thank you." I said. "Your Welcome sweetie." She saids sliding the door shut. I run upstairs and barged into Ashton’s room.


"Hey!" I yelled throwing myself on his bed. "Hey Kenz! Wanna play Fifa?" He asked smiling sitting on the floor staring at the tv beside his bed. "Yeah sure!" I said smiling. Sitting next to him on the floor. He grabbed his extra controller, plugged it in and gave it to me. "Thanks." I said looking at him. "No problem. Um, I wanted to ask you..Would you like to come over tomorrow? Cuz my friend Michael- I cut him off "Yeah that kid with the red hair?" I asked. Why is talking like he is nervous or something "Yeah! Um....He's coming over tomorrow to the pool with his friends he would like me to meet you. So would you?" He asked while playing. "Um, yeah sure but no promises that I am going in the water." I said. "Okay, at least you're there. Anyways, he says that Luke is coming and he is bringing his girlfriend." He says, Wait Ashton met them already and didn't tell me! I care cuz supposedly they are a band and that's important because Ashton's is a drummer and needs to be a band and he promise me we would meet them together. We do everything together and something like this important, I have to be there. I’m not mad okay.. I’m just disappointed. "Ummmm, You met them already?" I asked kinda mad. He paused the game. "I'm sorry Kenz. It's just Michael invited me to his house and they were there so we hang out.  I got to know them and they were cool. I'm sorry. Okay?" He says worry in his voice. I felt bad at the sound of his voice. "It's fine. At least you made guy friends." I giggled. "Hey! I have always had guy friends." He says pretending to be mad. We laughed seconds later. After we resume to the game.  “By the way, I can't believe I invited Luke's Girlfriend, she's such a slut. Sorry to say that but it's true. She's no good for Luke but he doesn't realize!" He says throwing his hands in the air. "Why you say that?" I ask retuning back to the game. "Cuz she freakin cheats on him and he's too clueless to know." He says angrily. "Well, your friends are stupid." I said laughing. "I know but  I'm not like that because I learnt from the best." He says looking at me. I smiled. "Yep, you better know that" I said looking at the tv. A few minutes later his mom yelled.

"Ashton, Kendra, Lauren! The foods ready!" His mom yelled. "Oh God. Get ready, Lauren is gonna take you away from me." He says giggling. I chuckle. Lauren, for some unknown reason loves me a lot, like she says I her best friend to her friends like she that proud of it. Why? Why should you be SO proud that I'm your friend. Ashton says she looks up to me but I don't believe it. "KENDRA'S HERE?!" Lauren yells while Ashton and I  were walking down the stairs. All of sudden I felt arms around my waist. "Hi Kendra!" She yelled even though I was like right next to her. "Hey!?" I said sounding more like a question with a awkward smile. "Lauren, get of her." Ashton said after seeing my expression. "No!" She yelled. Great.  We walked to the kitchen while dragging a little miss Lauren. "Lauren! Let go of Kendra. Why do you always do that?" Said Ashton's mom. "I don't always do that!" She whispers, crossing her arms. "Eat and than go in the pool with your cousin and little brother!" Ashton's mom said to Lauren. "Fine!." Lauren sad angrily. "Kendra, take whatever you want." She said walking away from a plate full of chicken wings and dressing on the table in front of us . She gets to the glass sliding door and stops. She turns around. "Oh, and make sure Ashton doesn't eat all of it." She says walking away. "Mom!" Ashton wines. I laughed. "Yes ma'am." I said taking a bite out of a chicken wing.


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