The Only Trust (PJO/HOO)

The 14 (the original 7, Thalia, Nico, Calypso, and 4 OCs) have escaped. The mortals found camp and destroyed it. They were the only survivors. Now a worldwide search is on for them. Will they get caught? If so, what will happen? Will they escape? Will they all make it out... Alive?


2. escape

Ravens PoV

I watched, helpless, as mortals three bombs at the cabins. How they got in, I don't know, but they sure do know how to deal with bombs. Demigods dead bodies scattered the ground, and the amphitheater a fire grew black as the remaining few demigods fought.

Me and the rest of the 14 watched helplessly as the last gunshot was heard. We were hiding in the woods, watching the small battle. We knew we should try and survive for the sake of the demigods.

I nodded at the rest to show we should go. I sent a silent message telepathically, saying when they go to retreat, we will run out past the borders into the world of mortals. The Era of Demigods has ended, and we are the only ones left.

They made it to the top of the hill right before we ran. They stopped at the top and I ran, the fastest my legs could carry me. The leader of the army took out a gun. We ran past the border and gathered in a small alleyway.

"We could go to my moms apartment until we know what to do. They will probably say on the news what they will do about our escape." Said Percy.

"Wow, you actually said something smart. We all agree. Let's go." I stated firmly. I read their feeling so I knew they agreed with me. Then we set off to Percy's moms apartment. We walked for at least a half hour until we ft there.

"Percy! I an so glad to see you! Come on, you better see the news."

We followed Sally to the couch in front of the TV. We all plopped down somewhere to watch.

"And the mission was successful. The army destroyed the demigod base and killed all demigods seen. But a group of 14 demigods were caught on footage escaping. If you see a group of 14 people, call 168-583-5832."

Then it showed pictures of us running out. It has caught Percy's eyes, Annabeths hair, pipers dagger, Jason's shirt, hazels face, Frank's talk posture, Leo's flaming nose, Calypsos Auburn hair, Thalia's arrows, Nico was no where, and ect. So everybody exept Nico on footage. The world would be on a search.

"Guys." I said. "No matter what we do, we have to live. We have to save demigods and Olympus...."




"Just the 14 of us."

What do you think? Good? Bad? I have been dying to write thins. Sorry about the short chapter. My chapters aren't long. But I do update a lot of them. Bye for now!


Ps. I just typed in random numbers for the phone number.

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