The Boy Behind the Mask

Ereri/Riren. WHere Prince Levi Ackerman is sick and tired of the royal life, and has a year in the modern world as Levi Rivaille. But, there are some catches to this. He can never show his face to anybody, he can never give out his real name, and if he does, he never leaves the castle again.


1. Contest!

Hello! This book shall be in the contest I just saw on here!

I am pretty excited, I never really entered a contest for books, only cosplay contests. I'm not looking for any prizes when I enter though! I'm just doing this for the fun of it!

I chose Ereri (Eren x Levi) because the Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin fandom is my favorite, and not really on here! So, I've decided to bring the SNK fandom over to Movellas! Risky move, but it's doable!

This is the original picture I used in the cover. I had to color Eren out of it and get just Levi because he is the one behind the mask. I also had to add more to the left, and finish Levi's hand because it got cut off somehow in all of this. 

And....can we just talk about how beautiful their eyes are??

Anyway. So I hope you enjoy this book. Hopefully it's finished by the time the competition ends!

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