The Boy Behind the Mask

Ereri/Riren. WHere Prince Levi Ackerman is sick and tired of the royal life, and has a year in the modern world as Levi Rivaille. But, there are some catches to this. He can never show his face to anybody, he can never give out his real name, and if he does, he never leaves the castle again.


2. Chapter One

I never thought this day would come. I never thought I would be able to leave this hell hole I call home.

Many people would love to be here, sitting on a throne, filthy rich, and good looks. Really, it's nothing like that. I don't have a throne to sit on even if I am king, I have work to do around here too. I may be rich but it doesn't mean I have anything to do with the money. Good looks? Well, you don't have to be royal for that.

I don't have freedom. In other kingdoms, you can choose who to marry, but not here. My father is very controlling and I must marry a beautiful woman, Princess Hange Zoë. Yes, I do admit, she's beautiful, but I can't marry her. I don't like girls but I would be killed if I say that. Princess Hange deserves more.

But today, everything is changing. Princess Hange and I can not marry until we are eighteen so I have enough time to do this. I get to leave this place and see what it will be like to live out there. I will be there for a year. I can get a job, go to school, make many friends and possibly a boyfriend. I've never been happier in my life!

A knock at the door made me smile. It's time to go to the real world and away from these walls. "Prince Levi, it is time for you to leave," the familiar voice said as he entered the room.

I nodded and went to ran out the door until he stopped me. "You're going out wearing that?" he asked.

"Well, yeah. I wouldn't go out there wearing my military uniform or some million dollar outfit. I asked my sister Mikasa if she could get this for me. She's not in the military so she has a lot of free ti- speaking of why was I even forced to do that military shit when I couldn't even leave this castle?" I asked, putting a hand on my lip and raising an eyebrow.

"Language, my prince," he warned, "and it was our father who wanted you to join in case you ever needed to fight. Now, go change."


"I'm sorry my Prince, but you can not go out wearing such informal wear," he argued.

"You can't tell me what to do if you're only my butler!" I argued. Fame and royalty does make you turn into a bitch a lot of times, that's why I want out of here. "If I want to wear jeans and a t-shirt then that's what I'm going to wear. Plus, I'm going out there so people don't know who I am!"

"I can tell you because I am going with you and since you will no longer be royal, you live by my rules. Now change," my butler challenged.

I crossed my arms and looked down. "No. I'm going there alone and how I want to be. I'm sick and tired of living this life and I'm finally getting away from it. Let me live the way I want to live," I demanded.

Many people would say this is childish, and I agree. But this is how I grew up and even though I try to grow out of the childish habit, I just get sucked back into it.

My butler sighed. "Fine. Now let's go. We are running late. Oh, and here is your mask Prince Levi," he said, then handed me a beautiful black mask. It was what you would call 'girly' but I love it. It has black swirls with black jewels on it and it covers my eyes and nose. 

I put the mask on and followed him outside. I looked at the giant wall in front of the castle. I'm so happy I finally get to see what's beyond that wall. He opened a car door for me and I got in. He shut the door and went to the drivers seat and drove of.

The sight was amazing. Everything looked so different and I love it. I'm going into a different country though. The United States. It's a very small town there called Shiganshina where people more likely won't know who I am. 

"Prince Levi," my butler snapped. I looked at him and frowned.


He sighed and focused on the road. "For now on, your name is Rivaille, got it? If you go by Levi then somebody may know you since you still have the same hair and eye color as the prince. And for now on, call me by my name," he said as if he already said it.

"Right, okay...... what's your name?" I asked. He's been my butler since I was born and he never told me his name.

"Erwin. Erwin Smith. You are my younger brother, adopted and you don't know your real last name so you go by my last name. So you are Rivaille Smith," he said.

I cringed at the name. "Ew. Can I just go with Rivaille? Rivaille Smith sounds like a terrible name," I said.

"Gee thanks," he said, rolling his eyes. "And no, you can't. If you go by Ackerman then someone can assume you are royal. So just go with Rivaille Smith."

I groaned in response and continued looking out the window. If I get this freedom, I at least want to pick out my own name! This is unfair. I do like Rivaille but I don't like Smith. I would kill myself before I have the same last name as my butler.

"We are here, Rivaille," he said as if he was getting me used to the name. I nodded and got out of the car, slamming the door. "Hey, watch it, this is an expensive car."

"Does it look like I care?" I asked. I gave him the most emotionless stare I could ever give, then walked passed him with my arms crossed.

"Sir you won't last a day out in the real world if you keep acting like this," he said.

"Watch me," I snapped, getting into the plane and sitting down next to the window. He just rolled his eyes and sat in the front of the plane. It's a private one which I'm happy about at the moment. I'm already fed up with one person, I don't need to be fed up with another.

Soon, the plane took off and we are heading to Shiganshina. The earth below looks so beautiful. It's unlike any photo you see on a laptop or phone screen. You can see it at many different angles while you can just see it through one on your phone. The ocean was huge, I never thought it was this big. It's so amazing.

After five minutes of seeing nothing but ocean, I decided to shut my eyes and try to take a little nap. Unfortunately, Erwin started bugging me again. "Sir, I'm sorry but you can not sleep on the plane. You can get sick."

I laughed. "Oh please, people do it all the time," I said.

"Remember when we drove to the town and you fell asleep in the car?" he asked.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "What?! We went out of those damn walls before?!" I yelled, standing up. He sighed and nodded.

"Many times, sir. Now sit down before you hurt yourse-"

"I don't fucking care! How come I don't remember this?!" I cut him off, yelling even louder.

I gasped when he stood up and slapped me. "Because your parents didn't want you remembering. How sit the fuck down, shut your fucking mouth, and act like a normal human, alright? Isn't that what you wanted?!" he snapped.

I held my cheek and looked down. I am acting normal. This is how I was raised. Erwin was from this outside world before he was stuck with us. He knows what he's talking about. If I keep acting like this... will worse happen to me?

I rushed to the bathroom and took the mask off. I looked in the mirror and dried my tears, seeing a red spot on my cheek. So far, the outside world isn't what I expected but it can only get better. I can change the way I act so I can continue living in Shiganshina and maybe find someone I like, or even love. Just a true friend.

"Prince Le-"

"I'm not a prince!" I yelled in frustration. "I never want to be called a prince again, got that?!"

I took a few deep breaths before continuing. "Like you said, I'm Rivaille now. I'm no longer part of the royal family and I want it to remain that way."

He sighed. "Rivaille, you know in a year we will have to come back," he said.

"Well too bad. I'm not going back. I'm not marrying someone I don't love, a gender I don't even like, okay?"

I slapped a hand over my mouth and leaned over the sink. I do hope he doesn't tell my parents or else I'm dead. God, why did I admit I like boys?!

"I understand, Rivaille, but you know you don't have a saying," he said. I nearly started crying when he didn't bring up the fact I admitted that.

I left the bathroom and put the mask back on. "If I find someone I love here, I'm staying. If I don't, then I'll marry Princess Hange and become king," I told him.

He sighed. "Fine." He brought his hand out for me to shake it and I did. "But if your parents find out, then you go back and I possibly get killed for betraying them."

I nodded and went to go sit back down. He still isn't mentioning the fact I like boys. He never even touched me and suddenly I admit that and he shakes my hand. It's obvious he understands I'm gay, but isn't saying anything about it and it's bothering me.

"Is that all you have to say?" I asked.

He rolled his eyes and looked at me. "Yes. Is there something else you want to talk about?" he asked, clearly annoyed. Honestly, I didn't care. 

"I kinda said I'm gay and you're okay with that?! How?!" I yelled, crossing my arms.

"You love who you love... is there something wrong with that?" he asked, utterly confused. I just sighed and looked out the window once again.

I never knew he would accept me. Everybody else back at the castle would take turns in beating me if they knew. Erwin was different and I don't know how I feel about that.

"How much longer until we get to Shiganshina?" I asked. No answer.

I turned back to Erwin to see he had headphones in. I growled and crossed my arms, continuing to look at the bare ocean once again.

I just want to get to Shiganshina already...


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