A quiet girl comes to befriend one of the most popular, seemingly upbeat girls she knows. Without a doubt, she falls for him. Unbelievably, he falls for her. For what seems like a blink of an eye, all is well. But, the boy falls into a deep distress. The girl attempts to help, but without avail. This is their story. A story of a heart-throb drifter, and a silent loner.


1. Just a Drifter

     I once told my dearest friend, as they were drifting away from me, that they had the best smile I'd ever seen. That they're an inspiration to me, since they had always seemed happy. I had intended this praise to lift their spirits a smidge, yet they responded in a way that tore my heart to shreds. They had looked me in the eyes, their pure green ones filled with a depth of pain that I couldn't possibly comprehend; they looked at me with emeralds welled to the brim with tears and yet, a smile was still plastered on their face. Shaking their raven-haired head softly and responding in a gentle but solemn voice, they said,

     "You know.. I hide all of my pain behind this perfect smile. But, in all reality, behind my bright grin, a world of darkness and pain lies in wait. It waits for when I'm not expecting it, and it drowns every ounce of happiness that I've got. You think you know me. You believe that I'm just this happy-go-lucky person. But in every aspect I am about as broken as a shattered mirror. If you think for a second I'm in a good place.. you're wrong, and you don't know me. No one ever has - no one ever will. I'm just a drifter lying in wait for demons to drown me in an ocean of my own sorrow."

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