A quiet girl comes to befriend one of the most popular, seemingly upbeat girls she knows. Without a doubt, she falls for him. Unbelievably, he falls for her. For what seems like a blink of an eye, all is well. But, the boy falls into a deep distress. The girl attempts to help, but without avail. This is their story. A story of a heart-throb drifter, and a silent loner.


4. Introverted Girl, Extroverted Guy.

     My name is Tegan - Tegan Hope Jeanne. An odd, unique name for a girl like me, being as I'm normally not one to go out and spread cheer and 'hope' by making new friends and all of that. I usually liked my friends, even though they could be total assholes at times. Never shutting their mouths, they loved to talk trash on all sorts of people. Don't get me wrong, they weren't bad people. They were caring, responsible, loyal, and loving; all the traits that you could hope for, they had them. Though, when they didn't like someone or how they acted, they persistently denigrated them. It constantly gave me a headache. Even though all of that belittling made me upset and tired of them all, I never really thought about making new friends. Meeting people I didn't really know about scared the shit out of me. See, I've got social anxiety, and even the littlest interaction can set me off and make me have a hyperventilated panic attack. It's sad, really. I'm eighteen and giving someone a mere handshake can turn me into a shaking, sobbing mess. But, that's not the point. Being as I've got this massive mental illness, I've become quite the introvert. I usually never go out with friends to parties or any of that cool, fun stuff that most teenagers do. No, what I prefer to do is sit on my ass in front of a computer and listen to music, or curl up on my bed in the emptiness that I get to call my room and read one of the many books that I own. I don't get out much, and people tend to notice it.

     The suave jocks and preppy popular girls used to love to mock and taunt me because of my anxiety and the fact that I never really do anything. But, once I started to talk to Fae on a consistent basis around.. well.. the local high-school population, then everyone kind of quit being the douches that they had always been towards me. The constant upheaval of the bullying and laughter behind my back slowed down from the pouring downfall to a slight drizzle. All of that was for the (not so) itty bitty reason whose name was Faegan. Faegan had always been a favorite among the popular group. Hell, he'd always been a damned favorite of everyone in the school! I mean, what's not to love with his quirky, bubbly personality and constant, yet hilarious, outbursts. He always was one to make people laugh. I mean, it's not like he was the class clown. No, he was just.. really funny. He always had been. Fae always loved making people smile - it gave him one less reason to cry himself to sleep at night. I couldn't believe the fact that he did that. It shattered my heart to pieces when I heard him so utterly broken. It tore me apart, making him seem like the most vulnerable angel in the world. But, my eyes had been shielded. I never thought that he would do the things that he did. The horrendous, unthinkable things he committed himself to doing. All those thoughts don't matter now. I'm sure you all are wondering how this introverted girl and extroverted guy fell for each other. You all are bound to be dying to find out about our heart wrenching story. Here, let me start on a not-so sunny, dreadful day. The first day I officially met Faegan.

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