My Other Half // Luke Hemmings // au

❝Get back here you bitch!❞

I run to my room and closed the door, locking it in place. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.

"Bella, you dumb whore! Open the damn door!" He hits the door from the outside furiously.

I can't let him tackle me again. I don't know what he is anymore. He's a different person when he acts like this and it's really scaring me. He keeps hitting the door, making the door break in the center.

Oh, my god.

He barges the door open and I see his full figure, filled with rage. "I swear to god, Bella," he walks closer to me and I stumble backwards trying to get away from him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" He slaps me in the face and I fall on the ground.

I hit my head on the ground, feeing dizzy. He kicks my abdomen with his foot and I scream in pain.

"You trying to fight with me?!" He kicks again.

"AHH! Please stop!!" I begged screaming.


When Isabella Washington was five years old, she met a six year old boy named Luke Hemmings at a school bus going to their first day of elementary school and they became best friends instantly.

Twelve years later, Isabella and Luke are eighteen years old and they are still "Best Friends for Life" as they named their friendship years ago. They are inseparable and they never want anything bad happening to one another.

But what happens when one of them goes through something frightening and repugnant that one can't do anything about it?

Experience the lives of Luke and Isabella as they grow up to see the truth about the real world.

They never discovered the real world until now...

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[ Cover made by -thepinkrose- (aka Me) ]
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7. six

6 || welcome back, school drama (part two) 


I see Kennedy's mouth moving but I can't hear him talk because of the blood pumping through my ears. I feel myself hyperventilating by the flashbacks I'm seeing when I was little. I don't know why this is bothering me so much . . .

My eyes are in control, my tears will not stop. I feel myself hyperventilating and hear my heart pounding louder and louder. I can't even breathe normally, feeling little beats of sweat on my forehead. This is starting to scare me.

Why won't this stop? I just want it to stop!



I stop thinking, hearing the chattering and commotion stop in front of me and behind Kennedy.

Kennedy turns around from the unexpected voice and looks at the boy with blonde hair and familiar eyes.


He's here.

"What the hell are you doing?" Luke spat. I see him in front of me and he looks beyond angry. The look I've never seen before.

Kennedy snickers and stares at him with a weird look on his face. "What's the problem? I'm just having fun with Isabella here." He responded calmly.

I feel myself losing my breath while looking at Luke and Kennedy back and forth.

"You take your hands off her right now."

"Why?" Kennedy lets go of my left arm but still grips on my right one. "You won't let me have your sexy black friend?" He asks snickering.

I can't believe he thinks this is funny. I'm over here freaking out and he's still holding onto me. I try to get out of his grasp but he grips on it tighter, making me yelp in pain.

"Stop it!" I begged Kennedy but he's not listening to me as he's still looking at Luke.

"You don't know who you're messing with." He says, getting closer to us.

"Oh really? I think I'm messing with a freak!" Kennedy finally looks at me and lets go of my arm, pushing me towards the lockers again, making my back hit the combination rod.

The loud thud makes everyone flinch and I'm still hyperventilating, trying to regain my breathing.

"You listen to me," Luke starts. "I know how you are here, but you sure are a bastard who messes with girls for no reason. You might be all tough and all that at this school . . . but let me tell you something." He walks closer to Kennedy and whispers something to his ear that I can't hear right.

"I may be a freak but I bet you can't get a girlfriend because of your small dick."

I look at the two boys, Kennedy's hand turns into a fist. Without warning, I see Kennedy's fist connecting to Luke's face.

Luke stumbled backwards and holds onto his nose. Oh, my god, I can't believe he punched him! That makes my heart break even more, I can't stand seeing him hurt physically or mentally.

I feel my eyes burning with sadness, making the warm tears run down out of my eyes. I feel trapped in my body trying to regain my breathing and trying to stop crying, but I can't control it. I look at Luke and Kennedy through my blurry eyes trying to see what's going on.

"You want to say that again, asshole?" Kennedy shouted.

Luke pulls his hand away from his nose and I see blood coming out of it. Oh my god . . .

He looks at Kennedy with deadly eyes. Then, I see his hand make a fist and lashes himself at Kennedy, punching him in the jaw and hits his stomach with his knee. Kennedy doubles over, groaning. I've never seen Luke so violent before, but he's saving me again.

My Hero.

He pushes Kennedy towards the lockers and his back hits the metal object, making that same thud noise that happened to me earlier. Kennedy looks weak and is coughing from the hit in the stomach.

This is the first time I've seen Kennedy McJagger weak.

He walks closer to Kennedy and looks at him in the eyes saying, "If you ever touch her like that again . . . you're going to be a dead man." He warned. "Tough guy."

Kennedy looks at him for a few seconds, giving him a death glare. He pushed himself off the lockers and walks to another direction, stumbling his way in the hallways.

Everyone else looks dumbfound and walks away slowly talking about the incident. Of course they have a story to talk about for the next week.

As I'm rubbing my arms, trying to make them a slight bit better. Luke walks in front of me with a worried expression on his face.

"Bella, are you okay?" He asked frantically.

I look at his face and I still see the blood in his nose from the hard punch. I can't believe he's worried about me more than himself.

"Are you okay? Your nose is still bleeding." I whimpered.

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine." He caresses his hand on my cheek and stares at me. "Are you hurt?" For some reason, my heart feels weak and crushed because he's caring about me so much and I can't do the same for him.

"No, I'm not fine." I start to cry again.

"Why? Where are you hurt?" He asked, observing me.

"My arms but . . . I can't believe you're asking me if I'm okay when you got punched in the face." I sobbed. He looks at me with a slight grin on his face.

"I only care about you. I'll take care of myself but I'm only here for you." He said softly. I don't know how I deserved a friend like him.

"What just happened made me remember when we were kids and those two boys were picking on me." I whimpered while looking at the ground. I couldn't see his face but I know he looks concerned.

I feel his finger under my chin, tilting my head up, making me look at him. His eyes are filled with sadness and . . . guilt?

"I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier. I hate to see you get hurt like this." He brushes the tears away with the palm of his thumbs. "I promise right now that I'll never leave your side, okay?"

Without responding, I wrap my arms around his waist, resting my head on his chest and crying on his shirt. He wraps his arm around my shoulder while his other hand strokes my hair lightly, comforting me.

"It's okay . . ." He whispered, kissing the crown of my head. "I'm here now."

His voice sounds soothing and calm, I feel so comfortable around him, he's like my cure to help me get better. I continue to cry on his 'drenched' shirt while he's comforting me. "I'm sorry . . ." I say trying to talk normally from crying.

"What are you sorry for?"

"I-I'm getting your s-shirt wet." I hiccup.

He chuckles and hugs me tighter. "It's alright, I don't mind."

"And thank you . . . for saving me." I whispered.

". . . Anything for you, Angel." He places his lips on my forehead and kisses it.

I sniff while pulling away from him, looking up at his eyes and his bloody nose. "You need to have your nose checked out." I countered. I wipe the blood on his nose with my thumb and he winces in pain.

"No, like I said before. I'm fine. I'll take care of myself, but I need to take care of you." He looks at me sternly. I sigh in defeat because I know he won't listen to me since he's stubborn. "Do you want to skip and go to my house?"

I think that's a good idea, I'm still shaken up about the incident and I don't think I can make it through school after that.

I nodded at him and he smiles at me. He takes my backpack that dropped on the floor and wraps it around his shoulders. He's a perfect gentleman, it's ridiculous. He puts his hand on my back while we walk to the student parking lot.

What a great way to start the day. Note the sarcasm. Before this happened, I meant to ask Luke what happened to that phone call on Monday. Of course it was interrupted from the incident, so I'm just going to to relax at his house and probably ask him afterwards.

I hope this turns out okay.

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