New Neighbors

Payton and Alaynahave been friends since pre schoolbut what happens when Alaynas favortie band One Direction moves in next door and when Payton starts having a crush on Niall Alaynas facorite guy in the band read to find out

(this is to Alayna Tomlinson the person is u i know u like louis but i like Niall so HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


3. saying sorry not

Harry's POV

i swear i spent at least2 hours get potato and chicken out of my long hair right now im thinking about getting a hair cut.


Paytons POV

i woke up the next morning to alex laying next to me 

''alex what the crap are u doing in my bed'' i asked

''mom let theboys stay over because there beds arent in there rooms yet so i let them use my room'' he said

''oh well thats nice well goodnight'' i say going back to bed


i woke up to Alex waking up because he slapped me

''sis its time to wake up mom just came in'' he said getting up 

''okay'' i got up and did my normal ruten got changed into a volleyball shirt and black leggings and socks.

I went down stairs for breakfest and of course the boys were there eating all the food i just grabbed a muffin and sat down

''payton say sorry'' my mom said

''for what''

''for yelling and dumping your food on harry''


out of the corner of my eye i saw Niall going for my muffin i slapped his hand so gard it hurt mine


''Okay lets get this straight you can come into my house and make my mom takeyour guyes side you can sleep in my brothers room but you can not and i mean this you can NEVER take my food or that would be the last thing u would ever touch'' i say grabbing my bag and going to school

*at school*

i was walking to my locker when i saw my boyfriend but now ex boyfriend Mason kissing this slut Jessica so i walked up to them

''oh hey ex boyfriend having fun with your girl with a broken nose''

''she doesnt'' 

but he didnt finish i punched Jessica as hard as i slapped Niall


''um let me think BECAUSE SHES A SLUT AND YOU WERE KISSING HER DUR'' i yelled and after that i left with everyone watching. It was the last day so idc.













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