New Neighbors

Payton and Alaynahave been friends since pre schoolbut what happens when Alaynas favortie band One Direction moves in next door and when Payton starts having a crush on Niall Alaynas facorite guy in the band read to find out

(this is to Alayna Tomlinson the person is u i know u like louis but i like Niall so HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


5. 6 months later

Payton's POV

It's been 6 months with the boys and i would be lieing if i said i didnt like the. i kinda have crush on Niall but Alayna doesnt know witch is good cause she would kill but to bad to sad.

''PAYTON I MADE BACON'' Alex yelled i ran down stairs and grabbed the whole plate

''hey i want some'' Alayna said lately shes been coming over but once the boys come over she ditches me and gos to them.

''No make your own food'' i said walking into the living room sitting nextto Niall who was sitting next to Liam so Alayna couldnt sit by him 

''Payton what is wrong with you you've been really mean to me lately'' Alayna said sitting next to harry he has short now and i like it

''yea i've been mean lately u come over and then when the boys come over you ditch me for them its like your just useing me to get to them cause there always over here'' i said giving the rest of my bacon to Niall

''thats not true'' she said but i could tell that she's lying because her face was turning red

''your lying i know becausewhen you lie your face turns red you are useing me to get to the boys'' i said stomping up the stairs with Alex and my mom behind.

*after Payton her mom and alex talked they went down stairs to talk to the boys*

we were heading down stairs and when we entered the living room Alayna was still there

''Alayna get the f*ck out now'' i screamed

''noyour not the boss of me'' 

''this is my house get out i dont want you in her you were useing my daughter get out'' my mom screamed and Alayna walked out like she was better than everyone.

*the next day*

it was almost Christmas and today is the last day of school before break.

i did my normal morning stuff got dressed put on mascara and eye liner ate breakfest with the boys and we left for school.

the funny thing is that all our lockers are right next to each other but the bad thing is that Alayna is by mine.


we got to our lockers and started talking because we had like 10 more minutes till class. we started talking about having all of the boys's familys come up for Christmas.

''yea that would be fun'' i said looking at Niall. but Niall just looked behind me frowning i turned around and saw Alayna listening into our conversation.

''really Alayna go away'' i said really annoyed that she would do that

''sorry so i can see if my family is free on Christmas'' she said twirling her hair and looking at Niall i saw he was very uncomfartible.

''Um Alayna your not coming and were not friends''

''well then f u''

and with that she walked away.

*after school*

when we got home me and Niall were talking we got intothe living roomi was shocked my dad and sisters and alayna and her parents were there.

''whats going on'' i asked looking at Alex he just shruged

''um well to things good news and bad news'' mom said

''okay'' i said sitting on the floor same with the boys

''the bad news is that Alayna and her parents are mad at you'' dad said

''WHY ARE THEY MAD AT ME''i yelled

''because alayna said that at school she saw you kissing her boyfriend Niall and said that you told her you arent friends anymore that you slapped her and was calling her names'' my mom said. 

i could not BELEIVE what i was hearing


''its true i was with Payton all day she never did those other 2'' Niall said 

''Alayna is that true'' her mom asked

''okay fine yes its true i was just mad because she kissed my boyfriend'' 

''I AM NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND YOUR UGLY AND ANNOYING'' (not really Alayna) Niall yelled wow 

''okay now thats enough im going on with the good news now'' dad said 

''me and your mom are getting back together'' he said i was so happy i get to have my sisters back.

''THATS AWESOME'' we all screamed.


















































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