Cuando Una Mariposa Vuela


1. Magic

I could see it in front of me. It was beautiful. The mariposa was an amazing sea blue, and it look like it was made of pixie dust from stories I had read when I was a little child. It was magnificent. The way it moved its wings so fast, but still it looked graceful. As I stood in front of  it I wondered how it thought about me and if it saw me.

The sun shone though the mariposas glossy wings as if they were made of glass. I was still in awe. It started to wonder away, so I started to follow. Its not like I had anything better to do. La mariposa was moving quick so I started to dash after it. I hadn't seen a mariposa in months. They were my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

It was the way mariposas moved. They took my breath away. The gracefulness yet how fast they could move. I had always wanted to turn into a mariposa. ​I wish I could fly away from my problems...

Wait a minute. Something feels different. Why did I suddenly get so light? Why am I so high up? Why am I in a tree!? Oh my gosh, the mariposa was right in front of me!

"Sevee" my mom was calling me in for dinner. I'm over here mom! She couldn't seem to hear me. All my life people hadn't seen me for who I truly am, but now no one could see or hear me.

What's wrong with me? And at that moment everything came flooding back. La mariposa. Pixie dust. My wish. No, but that cant be right. No.

Was I... no that can't be. 



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