The Prank

Luna has been considered average normal girl under the radar at everything. It's finally senor year and she plans for it to stay that way. But life is full of twists and surprises. When her parents decide to move to a New York City from there small suburban town and when the most popular guy in the school befriends her, is her new lifestyle just a twist of fate or is it just a high school prank.
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6. Chapter 5-your quest in complete

"Luna wake up Luna wake up" I was awaken by my little sister Rosemund jumping on top of me. For a toddler she was crazy and obviously from what you can tell annoying.

"Gooooooo awaaaay Rosemund" I mumbled underneath my pillow she did this every day since she has been able to reach my bed, even before she could walk she would come into my room and just scream in till I got up. 

"Luna Mom said you have to get up it's your first day of school" She tried to say as she failed terribly at trying to push me off the bed...

Now that got me up right away, I completely forgot today was my first day.

"oh shi..... shoot" I said quickly correcting myself almost forgetting there was a child in the room.

"Nice save Luna" Renee said walking past my room laughing

Renee is lucky she's still in middle school and conveniently for her doesn't start till next week.

"Okay Rosemund get out, I am up now, your quest in complete" I said to the little girl 

Then she jokingly salutes to me and walks away.

Okay what can I wear I thought to myself. I practically tore apart my closet till I found and an outfit which looked alright. I put my brown hair back into a simple messy bun, and threw on my over sized, sheer, tan blouse. With light washed jeans torn a bit in the one knee. Paired with simple tan flats, I am not a kind of person for heels I look like a person trying to walk with stilts on a tight rope when wearing them. Lastly I put in my gold ball studs earrings and my silver infant bracelet.

"Luna breakfast is ready, the bus will be here in 5 minutes" My Mom yelled

"Okay i'm coming" I yelled back rushing out my room grabbing a brown shoulder bag on the way. I don't have a backpack so this will have to do I thought to myself

I ran into the kitchen and grabbed an apple for the ride.

"Hey honey here is your lunch money for the month" my Mom said handing me an a check for five hundred dollars.

"That's a lot of money for just lunch" I said

"there is a bit extra if you need something else while you are there" she said walking away

"Oh and honey they bus will be here any minute so please hurry up" she said looking back at me before turning the corner to our spa room. 

I ran to the elevator "there is no time for fear I thought to myself"

Once I got downstairs to the lobby I saw Winston hoping onto the yellow bus.

" hurry up slow poke" he said as I ran after him


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