The Prank

Luna has been considered average normal girl under the radar at everything. It's finally senor year and she plans for it to stay that way. But life is full of twists and surprises. When her parents decide to move to a New York City from there small suburban town and when the most popular guy in the school befriends her, is her new lifestyle just a twist of fate or is it just a high school prank.
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4. Chapter 3- Rosemund stop pushing all of the buttons sweetie

After my whole meltdown in the elevator, which mostly consisted of....

"MOM, DAD WHY DO YOU HATE ME?" I said angerly  "how does this stupid thing go back down" I said eyeing the thousand buttons on the wall.


"Rosemund stop pushing all of the buttons sweetie" said my Mom pulling Rosemund to the other side of the elevator. Which left all the buttons now lit up like a Christmas tree. The other poor man in the elevator looked annoyed at his suddenly hour long elevator ride.

"okay I have two options" I thought to myself " I can either wait this thing out and run away to to a one story town for the rest of my life or I can stay in this dangerously high building and take my chances."

"Luna you are going to love the penthouse once you get used to it" Spoke Renee sweetly trying to calm me down

" And Luna there isn't and 1 story towns" Winston said knowing my response to this situation completely 

"can he read my mind I thought there was no such thing as twin powers" I thought to myself giggling at the thought 

"Ding" went the elevator

It opened to a beautiful penthouse  it looked like this


I think all of our jaws dropped even the annoyed man in the elevator with us at the sight of our new amazing home.

"Dad how did you afford something like this" I said

"My new job gave me a bonus since we were able to move here on such short notice" he said proudly tilting his chin up

We all walked into our new house having the elevator door shut behind us 

" I think I can deal with this" I said and everyone else nodded their heads in agreement


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