James Potter and the Marauders

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter are attending their second year at Hogwarts -witchcraft and wizardry. Find out what will happen this year.


25. Up all night

James' p.o.v.:

Charms - with Slytherin - was almost over. "Since the exams are coming very soon, you will have to write an essay from 200 words about the Freezing Charm." professor Flittwick said. "When are we supposed to do that?" I asked. "Make it 300, thanks to mister Potter." He said and I shook my head. "Oh no!" "Well done, Potter." I heard people say. Outside the classroom, Malfoy was apparently waiting for me cuz he teckled me. I got up immediately. "Expelliarmus!" I yelled, unarming Malfoy. "Woah, boys. Calm down, okay." Remus tried to calm us down. "What's the matter, Malfoy?" asked Sirius. "What's the matter? Let me see... Your friend has to learn to keep his bigh mouth shut." Malfoy said; staring at me. At the same time, Malfoy, Sirius and I took out our wand. "What is going on here?" Yelled professor Flittwick. It's the first time I see him angry. Malfoy, Sirius nor I said something. "Exams or not, that will be one week of detention. Or I've got a better idea. You may clean every single staircase in this castle. Be glad it's the three of you. I am very disappointed in you guys. Especially you, Potter." The professor informed us and he left. "Clean the staircases? That's for house-elves!" whined Malfoy. "Don't you dare to complain, Malfoy this is all your fault!" I said; getting angry. "My fault? And why is that?" "Guys, shut up! The longer we'll fight, the longer it'll take. Hey Remus, do you might know a spell that can help us?" Asked Sirius and we turned to Remus. "Maybe, but you'll have to do this yourself. Sorry boys. I have some studying to do." Remus said as he and Peter went to the library. "Great friend you've got there." "At least better than yours." I said and smirked to the fact he didn't have an answer ready.

Sirius' p.o.v.:

I don't know what is worse. The fact that I didn't have any dinner so I'm extremely hungry, the fact we cleaned literally all night long or the fact that this is all Malfoy's fault. After James and I took a shower, we went to the Great Hall. "What's the matter, Potter? The party on the staircases with Malfoy wasn't fun?" Asked Lily to our surprise. "Shut up, Evans." "Not in the mood for a laugh, Potter? Then again, it's your own fault. Be glad professor Flittwick didn't take any points from Gryffindor." speeched Lily. "Yeah, whatever." That is James' - I'm not even listening to you, I just want you to leave me alone - mood. Luckily, Lily noticed it and went back to her friends. "How did she find out?" asked James. "Just forget it, it's no big deal." I answered. "Do you have your pillow with you? "Ofcourse, we have History of Magic first. What did you expect?" he replied. "You  better should pay attention, Prongs. It's one of the last lessons before the exams." "Do I ever pay attention during History of Magic? Did I ever not pass my exams? I don't think so, Moony. Besides, I barely can keep myself awake right now, let along during History of Magic."

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