James Potter and the Marauders

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter are attending their second year at Hogwarts -witchcraft and wizardry. Find out what will happen this year.


15. The duelling fight

Sirius' p.o.v.:

Pssht... Black! I've heard you've got a girlfriend!" Malfoy laughed at me during breakfast. "What the hell are you talking about?" "Rose Jordan, from Ravenclaw, your girlfriend." The other Slytherins were rolling on the ground from laughter. "I barely know her so shut your mouth, Malfoy, or I'll knock you out!" I said angry. What is he even talking about? "Tss, tss. I wouldn't be so... dangerous if I were you. Rose might break up with you." "You're going to pay for this, Malfoy!" I almost shouted. It was rather silence in the Great Hall; most people were watching us. "Oh really? If you're so self-confident as always, then I don't think it's a problem that I challenge you, right? What about, a fight in the duelling club at Saturday after lunch. "I'll be there." I answered immediately. I'm not afraid of him; I'm better than him. And I'm not going to say no infront of the entire Great Hall; then everybody will think I'm a coward. Yet, I decided to practice with James as much as possible; I don't want to make a fool of myself Saturday. I only have a fiew days left to practice since it's Wednesday. "I didn't know you had a girlfriend, Sirius." Asked James smiling on our way to Potions. "Shut up, James. You bloody well know I don't have a girlfriend." "Maybe, but we have Potions with Ravenclaw. Like that, we can check if she likes you or if it's just another rumour." replied Remus. "I don't care, Remus. I don't like her. That won't change if I know if she likes me." "Whatever you say, Sirius. Whatever you say." said James.

Remus' p.o.v.:

During Potions, James, Peter and I kept an eye on Rose. Rose Jordan is the Seeker of Ravenclaw. She has long, curled, black hair and brown eyes. I have to admit she is pretty. And she was watching Sirius all the time. After Potions, we had a free period so we decided to help Sirius. We hid under James' Cloak and went to the Shrieking Shack. In the library, I've found a book with lots of spells. "Sirius, I think she really likes you." Said Peter; James and I smiled. "What are you talking about?" "Rose ofcourse. She watched you all the time." Peter answered; Sirius" cheeks turned slightly red. "Whatever." Sirius said quickly and fired another spell on James. "Not bad, Padfoot." Said James; Sirius smiled. We only use eachother nickname when we are absolutely certain that we're alone. Two hours later, we hid under the Cloak and went to the Great Hall for lunch. I think Sirius makes a good chance to win from Lucius, even though I have no idea how good Lucius is.

James' p.o.v.:

The time passed by very quick and at last, it was Saturday. After breakfast, we did our homework and after lunch, we went to the duelling club. There were lots of students. Most of them were also from the second year, but there were a fiew from the other years as well. "Good luck." Said Rose to Sirius; he blushed a little. "Uhm, thanks." Ten minutes later, Malfoy arrived. "You're late." I said harsly. "In style, Potter. Ofcourse you don't understand." Malfoy said; he is so lucky that this isn't our fight. Malfoy and Sirius climbed on the stage. Professor Flittwick counted from 3 till one and Malfoy fired his spell. "Mobilicorpus!" He yelled; Sirius was lifted up in the air and landed a fiew metres further. Sirius quickly stood up and fired his spell: "Incarcerous!" Ropes tied Malfoy up; he couldn't move anymore. Since he couldn't reach his wand, Sirius won.

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