James Potter and the Marauders

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter are attending their second year at Hogwarts -witchcraft and wizardry. Find out what will happen this year.


6. Malfoy

Sirius' p.o.v.:

I walked outside. I knew James was following me but I didn't mind. Everybody was inside; which was good. James overhauled me and we sat down under a tree. "You're okay?" "Yeah." He boxed me softly on my shoulder and I smiled. "Don't worry about Remus. He'll heave soon." said James; I nodded. "Well well well. Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear." Said James and I looked up. Remus walked toward us. I think it's a quarter; maybe half an hour ago since I walked away. James and I didn't talk that much. "Can I talk to you?" asked Remus. "Sure." "In private." James left. "Sirius, I'm sorry I pitched you. I shouldn't have done that..." "Why did you do that anyway?" I asked him. "You know I hate it you and James bully Severus. He didn't do anything." "Yeah well, I hope you realise we won't stop bullying him." I said. "Why not?" "Can we have this conversation another time? I thought you came here to apologize, but clearly, you don't." I replied. "Sorry... Can you forgive me?" "Yeah, but please don't argue about that anymore." I said and he nodded; so we gave a handshake. We decided to go to the common room since we were free for the rest of the morning.

Peter's p.o.v.:

James and I were playing chess when Remus and Sirius came in. "Check mate." I said smiling when I made my winning move. "Well done." James said and he shook my hand. "So, what are we going to do?" asked Sirius. "I want to find out who Lucius Malfoy is." answered James. "Why?" "Because he wanted to hurt me!" "Let's take a guess, he'll regret it?" I winked at James. "Duh!" "Slytherin is having potions right now. Their lesson won't take long anymore." noticed Remus. "Let's go then." said James and we went to the potions classroom. The Slytherins were leaving the classroom when we arrived. James and Sirius ignored Severus. Lucius left the classroom as last. "Malfoy." James said; Lucius looked up. "What are you doing here?" he asked suspicious. "Why did you attack me during the duel?" "Oh god. Still crying about that?" snarled Lucius. "You know, we can be friends if you want to." Remus, Sirius and I looked strange at James. What is he doing? "Friends? With you? Over my dead body!" replied Lucius. "Whatever you want, Malfoy. Whatever you want." Grimaced James and we left. "What were you doing?" asked Sirius. "I just wanted to make sure he hates me." "You knew?" "Ofcourse." "Let's go to the Great Hall. I'm starving!" Remus said and we left.

James' p.o.v.:

In the Great Hall, I ate alot of chicken, potatoes, spaghettis and I drank alot of pumkin juice. "Are you ready for your first training?" Asked Nearly Headless Nick - the Gryffindor Ghost - to Sirius and I. "Yeah, totally!" answered Sirius. I just nodded because I thought it was a bad idea to talk to a ghost with your mouth full of food. I almost forgot about the training. It's after lunch. I'm pretty excited, actually. It's always been my dream to be in the Quidditch Team. And I'm glad Sirius is in the Team as well. After lunch, Sirius and I went to the Quidditch Field and Remus and Peter went to the rostrum. Our Quidditch robes were red and gold; the colours of Gryffindor. The captain is called David Hamblin, he is in the sixth year. "Alright. Welcome to the first training of this form. For the newcomers, I'll explain you everything." Said Hamblin and he pointed to me and Sirius. "The object of the games is - ofcourse - to score more points than your opponents. Each goal is worth ten points and catching the Snitch (only the seeker catches it) is worth one-hundred fifty points. The game ends when the Snitch is caught." Hamblin said and he also explained what I have to do as a chaser, and what Sirius have to do as a beater; even though we already knew. First, we did a warming-up, and then, we played a match to practice. "Great job." Hamblin said to me and Sirius and we both smiled. "We train every week on monday immediately after lunch. Don't be late." He said and we and the rest of the team took a shower.

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