James Potter and the Marauders

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter are attending their second year at Hogwarts -witchcraft and wizardry. Find out what will happen this year.


18. Exploding Snap Competition

Remus' p.o.v.:

The next lesson was History of Magic. Hufflepuff joined us. "The International Warlock Convention of 1289 was a meeting held in 1289. Nothing is known about what was decided, or attempted to be decided, at this convention." And professor Binns fell asleep. It took longer than usual, actually. This must be his new record. James and Sirius were playing Exploding Snap. Lots of students joined them so we held a competition. It was really fun. The winner was Mason Whitesides; he's in Hufflepuff. James and Sirius walked towards him. James gave him a handshake. "Well done, Mason." smiled James. "Thanks, not so bad yourself James. We should do this competition more often." "Yes, we should." replied Sirius. The lesson was finished and we went to the Great Hall. "That was fun." said Peter. "Yes, it was." said James dreamily. "What are you thinking about?" I asked. "What if... Maybe we should hold a huge Exploding Snap Competition. For all the second year's." "The question is: How do we organise it?" noticed Sirius. "Yeah, I'm still thinking about that." "Who says everybody want to play Exploding Snap?" I asked. "No one does. That's why you're not obliged to take part of it." replied James.

Peter's p.o.v.:

Our next lesson was Transfiguration. This time, Ravenclaw joined us. "The Avifors Spell is a transforming spell that could be used to change a subject into a bird." told professor Mcgonagall. "You point the wand at the target and say 'Avifors'. For example: 'Avifors'." Professor Mcgonagall's book transformed into a bird. "Mister Pettigrew, would you like to give it a try?" "Uhm... Sure." I replied. I pointed my wand at the book infront of me. "Arvifor." To my surprise, the book transformed into an egg. Ofcourse everyone was laughing. "It's 'Avifor', mister Pettigrew. Not 'Arvifor'" Said professor Mcgonagall. James and Sirius were rolling over the ground from laughter. "It's not funny!" I said. "Yes, it is." Replied Sirius once he calmed down. Transfiguration was the last lesson of today so we went to the Shrieking Shack to organise the Exploding Snap Competition. During the rest of the week, nothing special happened except that Sirius made sure he had detention as well so he could join James. Hamblin wasn't very happy with that because they were always late on the practice. On Saturday, Sirius, James and I went to professor Mcgonagall as usual. It's going pretty well, actually. After lunch, it was finally time for the Exploding Snap Competition. Other year's asked if they could take part of the competition as well. We agreed but we had one condition: those who take part of the competition have to pay 8 candies, the audience has to pay 4 candies. That was James' idea ofcourse. And I can tell you, at the end of the Competition, we had lots of candy. I never saw so much candy before. From each year, there were at least 30 participants. We asked a fiew teachers to be the arbiter so James, Sirius, Remus and I could join as well. First, we played house vs. house. Like that, each house had a Champion. For Hufflepuff, it was (again) Mason Whitesides. For Ravenclaw, it was Florence Watson - she's in the fourth year. For Slytherin, it was Bellatrix Lestrange. And the Gryffindor Champion was Remus. "Remus, don't you even think about losing from my niece." said Sirius. "Who is your niece?" Remus, James and I asked in choir. "Bellatrix Lestrange." He saw our surprised faces and added quickly: "I'll tell you tonight in the Shrieking Shack." It was a hard competition. Luckily for Remus, he won from Bellatrix, but the real Champion was Florence Watson. She gained 25 points for Ravenclaw. Professor Dumbledore found the Competition so amusing that he wanted to organise it every year. "As long as we still get the candy..." Mumbled James which made us laugh. The lunch was delayd because of the Competition. After lunch, we decided to do our homework. We had to write an essay for Potions, for Charms, for Transfiguration and for History of Magic so we were right before dinner finished. We wanted to go to the Shrieking after dinner, but we forgot it's full moon tonight...

Sirius' p.o.v.

We could almost transfigure in complete animals, so we were less or more able to controle Remus. After 4 hours, Remus was himself again so we talked in the Shrieking Shack. I wouldn't be able to sleep, anyway. "Wait... So Bellatrix Lestrange is your niece? Why didn't you tell us?" asked James. I saw he was disapointed in me that I didn't tell him. That embarassed me even more. "I..." I took a deep breath. "Bellatrix and I hate eachother. We promised eachother not to tell anyone at Hogwarts that we're family. If she finds out that I told you... You have not a single idea of her powers." "Did we ever tell anyone that Remus is a werewolf?" Asked James; I shook my head. James is angry with me. "Then why on earth should we tell anyone about this?" I... I don't know. I... I'm sorry, guys." I stuttered. "It's okay, Sirius. I know how you feel." said Remus. "No, it's not!" said James angry. "James, calm down. I think Sirius has good reasons not to tell us, don't you?" asked Remus; I nodded. "Everytime she had learned hostile spells, she used them against me on family parties. Do you understand now why I hate her so much?" I asked; they nodded. "I'm sorry, man. I didn't know." said James. "You couldn't. I'm sorry I didn't tell you." I said and we hugged which turned into a group hug.

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