James Potter and the Marauders

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter are attending their second year at Hogwarts -witchcraft and wizardry. Find out what will happen this year.


9. Disappeared broomsticks

Sirius' p.o.v.:

The next morning, our first lesson was charms. "Good morning, class." "Good morning, professor Flitwick." We had charms with Hufflepuff. "Today, I will teach you the 'Arresto Momentum' spell. Arresto Momentum is a combination of 2 words: the Anglo - French "arrester", meaning "to bring to a stop", and the Latin "Momentum", meaning "the force or strength gained whilst moving. When something or someone falls you point your wand at it and say 'Arresto Momentum'! Everyone, repeat." So we did. Then, professor Flitwick took some Every Flavoured Beans for everyone of us. He let them fly above our heads very high, and then dropped them. If you succeeded, you could eat it. If you didn't succeed, you coud try until you finally succeeded.


Peter's p.o.v.:

Luckily, we were free for the rest of the day. So after charms, we went to the library to write our 2 essays from both 200 words. It took us less or more 2 hours to write our essay from potions, so we had to come back after lunch. In the Great Hall, Snevilly passed us and James let him stumble infront of everyone. Every student was laughing except Remus, Lily and Lily's friends. Snevilly's face was all red and he ran away (probably to the Slytherin common room). After lunch, we went to the library again. Hamblin (the Gryffindor quidditch team captain) came to us. "Potter, Black. Here you are. Remember I said we only had quidditch practice on monday?" James and Sirius nodded. "Well, change of plan. We're going to train more. Three times a week. On monday, wednesday and friday immediately after dinner. Be on time." Said Hamblin and he left. "Awesome! Three times a week quidditch parctice!" said James enthousiastic. "And what about homework?" asked Remus; I rolled my eyes. "What?" When are you going to have time for that?" "I don't know. Perhaps during the weekends, free periods,... Don't worry, Remus. Everything will be fine." answered Sirius. "Why do I have the premonition that I'll have to do your homework?" asked Remus. "I don't know, but I like your premonition. That would earn us more time to do fun things, you see." Answered James with a smile on his face. "Don't - even - think - about - it." "Hey, you suggested it." noticed Sirius. "Now shut up and help me write this essay." said Remus. "I thought you were going to do this alone." "James Potter, I'm warning you. Don't you dare!" "Okay, calm down, mate. You know I'm only joking!" "Very funny..." said Remus. After this 'discussion' we did our homework and went to the Great Hall to eat our dinner.


James p.o.v.:

After dinner, Sirius and I went to the quidditch practice. We all changed our clothes and went to the Field. Normally, Hamblin stands there already and the broomsticks our lying on the ground. This time, Hamblin was talking to professor Mcgonagall and there wasn't 1 single broomstick. They were talking for half an hour. I lost my patient. "What's going on?" Hamblin and professor Mcgonagall turned to us - just like they didn't notice us before. "The broomsticks have disappeared." said professor Mcgonagall. "What?" We all asked in choir. "Everyone of them?" I asked. "Yes, mister Potter. Everyone of them. I really regret this but it is impossible to practice without broomsticks. There won't be any trainings before we have found the broomsticks and the perpetrator." By those words we changed our clothes again and went to the common room in silence. In the common room, Remus, Peter, Sirius and I discussed what happened. "So the broomsticks disappeared?" asked Peter. "They can't just disappear, Peter. But yes, they're gone." "Gone? They can't be gone." remarqued Remus. "Professor Mcgonagall and Hamblin think someone stole them." said Sirius. "Why would anyone steal broomsticks?" asked Peter. "It's not why, but who. And we must find them." I said. "You have someone in your mind, haven't you?" asked Sirius; I nodded. "I think it's Malfoy." Remus started to laugh and I gave him a glare. "Wait, are you serious?" "No, I'm Sirius!" "Shut up, Sirius. You're not funny." said Remus. "Yes, Remus I think it's Malfoy. Who else would steal the broomsticks?" "James, listen. Malfoy might be a jerk, but he isn't a thief!" said Remus. "Perhaps Remus is right. I mean, why would Malfoy steal broomsticks?" asked Peter. "I don't know. I just know he did it." I said. "And even if Malfoy has done it, then we can't just catch him!" added Sirius. "Fine. Then, I'll find out on my own." "Bad idea..." Said Remus but I barely heard him since I went to my trunk to take my Cloak. I wrapped the Cloak around me and went to the Slytherin common room. Luckily, Malfoy and his friends were about to enter the common room so I could sneak in. "Just in time. Did you see Hamblin's face when he saw they were gone?" said Malfoy to his friends. "But what if they find out?" "They won't find out. I mean, who will look in the dungeons for some broomsticks?" I smiled. So, I know they're in the dungeons, and I know Malfoy has done it. But how can I catch him? "In an hour, I'm going to check if the broomsticks are still in the dungeons. I'll check them daily, and over a week, I'm going to tell professor Mcgonagall that I have 'found' the broomsticks so I'll be awarded." continued Malfoy. I went back to the Gryffindor common room. "And?" asked Sirius. "What, and?" "What did you find out?" "My plan, my secrets." If they didn't want to come with me, then they don't need to know what I've found out.

We played chess and when it was almost time, I went to professor Mcgonagall. "Mister Potter. Can I help you?" "Actually, yes, professor. Can I talk to you? But not here, in the dungeons." I said. "In the dungeons? Why in the dungeons? If you must tell me something important - I hope it is important - then I'm sure you can tell me here as well." said professor Mcgonagall. "Please, professor. Trust me. It is very important but you must come to the dungeons." She raised her eyebrows because I gave her an order but at least, she followed me. In the dungeons, we've found the broomsticks and... Malfoy. "Mister Malfoy! What are you doing here? Did you steal those broomsticks? Did you actually steal them?" Said professor Mcgonagall angry. Malfoy didn't expect this and he didn't know what to say. "This is a serious infraction, mister Malfoy. I'll take 100 points from Slytherin and I award Gryffindor 50 points, since mister Potter has solved this mystery. That's my final word."

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