What Movellas Means to Me

To celebrate 7 years of Movellas, I decided to go back in time over the last four years and see how Movellas has developed since 2012.


5. 2015

Unfortunately, last year was a year filled with GCSEs and I wasn’t on as much as other years. However, I did notice some change. Firstly, there were a couple of changes in leadership last year; in January, Eva84 left, as did Georgia T in July. They were replaced by Jess N, though she also left in November. That was when Skye joined, though three major people in the Movellas team leaving was a bit confusing.

As well as this, there was yet another Movellas Makeover, to the website we have now. Unlike the other updates, this one was very well received, though that may have been partly to the return of the blue and green. Either way, it seemed the community was getting bigger and more positive, with what seemed to me to be less bumps in the road than before.

I also had a couple of personal achievements this year as well. Over the summer, while I was helping with a Brownie camp, DragonSoulJess, the only person I was talking to on a regular basis, decided to get me to over 100 followers before I came back. She succeeded and after 3 years of being on there at the time, it was a huge thing for me. As well as this, I won the Lottery Boy giveaway and, while it wasn’t a writing competition, it was still the first competition I’d ever won on this website. Finally, I’d say that Viva se Potete got finished; that was great, to have a finished multi-chaptered movella that I was actually happy with.

All in all, it was one of the more positive years in my opinion, especially during the exam periods.

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