What Movellas Means to Me

To celebrate 7 years of Movellas, I decided to go back in time over the last four years and see how Movellas has developed since 2012.


3. 2013

2013 was a major year in terms of the development of Movellas. There were many features introduced that we still have and use regularly now. At the end of December/beginning of January, the first group of Ambassadors were introduced and trialled, though the group was considerably smaller than it is now. It was also the first time that the term ‘mumble’ was used to describe posts on Movellas, with the introduction of hashtags and the ability to tag other Movellians following not long after. In addition, there were some features that aren’t part of the website anymore, like the idea of Papellas; this was the ability to actually buy your movellas as physical objects, though it was eventually dropped.

Along with these changes came the first complete Movellas makeover of the layout. Initially, it was mainly blue and white, as seen in the 2012 chapter, whereas this one was a lot more colourful. Funnily enough, I think this was my favourite of all the layouts, but there was a considerable amount of dislike at the time. Many felt that the colours were too childish, that the choice to change the profile icons from squares to circles was bad and that the font and size of the text was too inconsistent. Another thing that people noticed was the disappearance of the ‘chain’ feature. To those who don’t know, this was initially the idea that you could write the first couple of sentences of a story, then email a link for it to a friend, who would continue and send it on. I remember being involved in them a couple of times, mainly by people I knew in real life, but I don’t remember it contributing to anything that much.

Of course, in this year, the website was still being run over by Directioners and other Bandoms, but there was some hope. Many of us declared ourselves to be ‘anti-Directioners’ and some tried to fight back with anti-fanfictions. Though there was lots of hate between the two groups, I’ll be honest and say that some amazingly creative stories came out of them (even if they were slightly violent). Luckily, the Movellas team noticed this and, as a result, fandom genres were born. This meant that, instead of writing fanfictions and putting them in Romance or Fantasy genres, they had their own. It was the start of some peace on the website, though we did lose some brilliant people along the way.

The end of the year was marked with the biggest change of all of them: Jordan Philips, who was the Community Manager at the time, declared that he was leaving, to be replaced with someone else at the beginning of the next year. It was quite a surprise at the time, but everyone put aside differences to say goodbye and good luck to him. But, in the span of one year, it was clear that Movellas had changed drastically.

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