What Movellas Means to Me

To celebrate 7 years of Movellas, I decided to go back in time over the last four years and see how Movellas has developed since 2012.


2. 2012

I initially joined Movellas with my first account on 10th February. At the time, I was in a creative writing group and I think one of the teachers had come in with a print-out for a Valentine’s Day writing competition. Unfortunately, I forgot soon after entering what my password was and which email I had used, so on 11th June, I re-joined with my current account as Louise McBear.

At that time, I’m not sure how big the website was, but it was probably a fair bit smaller than it is now. Unfortunately, I think 2012 was the time when One Direction fanfictions were at its peak and the website seemed to be on two sides about it. I remember one of the first movellas I saw being a 1D kidnapping fanfiction, which had at least two sequels from it (something I found strange but turned out to be quite common). But, it wasn’t completely One Direction fanfictions that were being written. When I look back to the start my favourites list, it’s quite clear there were some amazing (and slightly strange) Harry Potter and Merlin stories, which I hadn’t really seen before. Truth be told, I was still strangely new to the internet at all, so it blew my mind to know that people were writing stories based on TV shows and celebrities, and getting lots of reads on them. There were lots of fiction, as well as fanfiction, but very few still out in my mind from that year. Nevertheless, after reading movellas like them, it wasn’t surprising I got sucked into the website and would do up until now.

Soon after joining, I wrote my first proper movella (again, thanks to the creative writing group I was in), which for some reason I still haven’t unpublished. Even though it was awful, other people were really nice and gave constructive feedback. The website, though there was obviously drama, was made up of friendly, helpful users.

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