Who is that ?

The boy stared at me ...
I gulped .
He was quite possible the most good looking boy she has ever seen..


1. Chapter 1

Daniella's POV

" Violin ?" said my Mom frowning .

" Why not another instrument like .." She paused and looked at the oven " Guitar .."

" Come on mom you know i love to play the violin .. " I said begging my mom .

She sighed " But Daniella you know that it is really expensive " 

" Please mom just one thing for me .. I anyway didn't wan't to move 500 miles away from home " I said getting annoyed .

" Ok fine " she said giving in .

" But promise me that you will stay safe ok ? We don't know this neighborhood and if y-" I stopped my mom from  finishing her sentence .

She spilled the milk on the table .

" Mom i will be okay " I said passing my her some tissues .

I walked over to my room and grabbed my school bag .

After that i waved my mom bye and went on my bike .

I drove with my bike to my new school and looked around.

God its hugee af.. I think i might get lost here .

A few people walked over to me with a huge smile on their faces.

" Hello there my name is Stacy and this is Emma . You must be new here .." Stacy said .

" Yeah i am " I said smiling back at them.

They talked to me about this school and how we are going to be great friends and about their summer. I actually already like them ..They kept on talking and talking until someone grabbed my attention .

He had blonde hair , beautiful blue eyes and had a lip ring .

I think i already have a crush on someone.

Stacy and Emma caught me starring .

"What " they said confused.

I looked over to the boy and asked .
" Who is that? "


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