Loving someone you can never have

I got out of bed everyday telling myself it would be alright, until one day it really was


8. 8.

So Matt and Scott have been here for a few days now but i haven't seen Dean at all. i haven't spoken about me but they speak about them all the time. and a plus they cook me food. 


"What do you think about me getting a cat?" i asked looking at them and they both nodded so i went online and searched for local pet stores and the RSPCA had a blue point rag-doll kitten for $150 and it had all its shots and everything so i grabbed my keys and went to buy it. he was the most adorable kitten and i got him a blue collar to match his blue eyes and all this cat stuff before i brought him home. 


All day we sat in my bedroom playing with this kitten that I am going to call Jasper. All day i was on my bed hand feeding him and playing with him and he slept while i watched the three episodes of pretty little liars that i missed the other night so it has been a boring few days but its all good now. i have company. 

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