Loving someone you can never have

I got out of bed everyday telling myself it would be alright, until one day it really was


7. 7.

i woke up in an unfamiliar room, alone but i could here a lot of voices. i flipped over the covers and noticed i wasnt in my shirt but one that was way to big for me. i walked out the door and downstairs, through the hallway to the kitchen and found 6 guys standing in there including Dean. 


"Um hi" i mumbled and a couple waved, a couple said hi back and Dean walked up to me taking my hand and walking down the hall into the lounge. 


"Yeah um i called for help. see i have kind of punched Leo once before and it didnt turn out to good so back up?" he smiled a little and i just nodded and looked down the hall to see them all looking at us. 


"Um where are my clothes?" i asked looking at him. i only remember falling asleep in a bath, not going to bed. 


"in the wash. see you fell asleep in the bath and i didnt want you to have no clothes on so i just put one of my tops on you" he said and i just nodded before walking towards the front door. 


"Yeah I'm going to go home to get changed so" i said opening the door and he nodded. 


"Want me to come?" he asked and i shrugged and walked out. soon everyone was following me to my house and they all came in and sat on the couch and i went through to my room and grabbed a pair of leggings and a white oversized jumpver and some lingerie and walked into my bathroom closing the door. 


i put my clothes on the bench and took of Dean's shirt looking at the bruises that formed on my shoulder and hip and ribs but blinked a few times and started getting changed and i heard a noise like a hiss. i looked in the mirror to see a snake in my bathtub coming over the edge making me gasp. i slowly moved my hand to the door handle and opened the door and slowly walking out and down the hall to the lounge. "Snake. in the bathtub" i said pointing to my room and everyone ran down there. 


i slowly followed and before i reached the door a upside down snake was being taken out the back making me step back as they all followed except for Dean. "Nothing like a few random people grabbing snakes in your house" i said and walked back down to the kitchen and opened the fridge to see the only thing in there was butter. 


"I should go shopping" i mumbled and someone was behind me and i slightly turned my head to see Dean sitting on the counter. 


"How long has it been since you've eaten? I know you haven't been out of your house in two weeks" he said and i walked over and leaned against the bench beside him. 


"I havent eaten. haven't been in the mood to eat really" i said and he nodded 


"You can tell. you've lost weight and not in a healthy way" he said looking and me before getting off the counter. we walked out and he opened the door to my car and i got in and two other people did. "By the way thats Scott and thats Matt" he said and i nodded. 


we drove to the super market and got a tone of food before heading back home and he put everything away and made me a pasta dish. "Dean I can't do this." i spoke putting my fork down and looking at my food. "Just putting your family in danger, you can't do that" i looked up at him and he nodded. 


"I know" he muttered and kissed my head before walking out the front door. i noticed looking out the window that not everyone went back to the house and Matt and Scott stayed but i didn't mind. ill probably let them inside in a bit. i took two bites of my pasta before getting up and watching some TV and doing some of my course before letting Scott and Matt inside. one was crashing on the couch, one was in the spare room. 


i moved the TV marathon to my bedroom, watching pretty little liars before falling asleep with it playing (I missed like 3 episodes) 

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