Loving someone you can never have

I got out of bed everyday telling myself it would be alright, until one day it really was


6. 6.


Days seemed like they went forever, until i realised two weeks went past of me not leaving my house. I have been doing my course and watching TV which is pretty much it. i haven't really eaten and i don't feel like eating pretty much ever. the more i sit here in my house, the longer the days go by. 


i have seen him a couple of times. Dean, walk past the house as he goes up and down the beach. I also see Jonny a lot. he tries to come over and 'comfort' me in this time of 'separation' but its his fault and i honestly don't want to see him. 


i was sitting in the lounge looking at the TV and saw movement in the corner of my eye. i noticed Dean was walking back up the beach like he does everyday at this time. he seemed different, apart from the messy hair and the slight bags under his eyes, there was something off about him. 


i got up and walked down the hallway before looking out the door and when he brought up his head i turned and stood against the wall of the door so he couldn't see me before slightly peeking and noticing he was nearly back at his house. this was a normal thing that happens every day. 


i heard a knock on the door and i ran back down the hallway and looking through the little hole to see who is was. Jonny. his dark hair and devious smile was looking right at the little hole. "Leave me alone" i said through the door and he knocked again. i pulled it open and stood there looking at him. 


"Go away" i demanded and he smiled before walking right in and past me. "Are you serious? You got what you want, just leave me alone!" i pretty much screamed it at him. 


"You know you've lost weight. And you don't look as good as you used to" he said turning and staring straight at me. 


"Good, maybe you'll hate it and leave me alone" i spat back before closing the door and walking past him to my room and locking the door. 


"Ooooooo we moving this to the bedroom" i heard him say before trying to open the door but failing. I walked through to the bathroom and shut the door and locked it sitting on the floor again. the bathroom door moved like he was opening it. "Come on, hide and seek isn't really my thing" He continued on and i rolled my eyes. 


the door was pushed open and i was squished between it and the wall before Jonny was standing in the bathroom with a butter knife in his hand. he put it on the bench and put his hands on my shoulders before pulling me up and holding me against the wall. "found you" he said before pressing his body against mine so i couldn't move and pressing his lips on mine. 


His hands moved down my body and i pushed his face away. "Isn't kitchen sex better?" i asked and his grin widened before i walked out and then ran out the back door and down the beach. 


"You little bitch" he yelled walking out of my house and following me. i had no where to go. it was open beach for miles and i went to run up to Dean's house but i felt hands go around my waist before spinning me and i was thrown over his shoulder. 


he was walking further and further away from my house until i noticed i was inside another one. it was darker and i knew where i was. I was in his house and i heard the door close and locked before he dropped me and i fell to the floor hitting my shoulder and hip. 


"Put her downstairs" i heard and i flipped my head before two people were either side of me and i was being taken into what looked like a basement. but then again there was chains and all this other scary/creepy stuff down here. i was pushed onto the floor before hearing a door slam and i ran up the stairs and tried opening the door only to find it locked. i hit the door and tried to open it but there was no way it was opening. 


i heard something move down here making me turn around and i slowly walked down the stairs and looked around. there was a shadow in the corner and i could her slight sniffling. i walked towards it and noticed another girl here. "Who are you?" she said and i looked at her and crossed my arms. 


"My names Clara" i mumbled before noticing her face. she was pretty, blue eyes, brown hair, pretty skinny i guess" 


"Maddy" i heard her say and i smiled slightly. I guess its better than being alone. "You know, you'll never get out of here" she continued on and i frowned a little. "I've tried everything, even giving in but they don't let you out" she stood up and her arms and legs were bruised before she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. "I've been in here i think its been 4 months" she was looking at the floor as she spoke. 


"At least you're pretty. you might have a chance. the other girl did" she looked at me. 


"Another girl?" i asked bringing my legs up and wrapping my arms around them.


"Yeah, she hangs out with them now. i guess she was here for a while" she replied and i put my lips on my arm as i looked down. i heard the door unlock and open and i saw Jonny run down the stairs. obviously the door closed again and he smiled. 


"Maddy, be a good girl and go back into the corner" he grinned as he spoke to her and she got up and sat in the corner putting her head on the wall and i moved my legs down and stood up. "No need to stand love." he said before pushing me back down on the bed and straddling me making me start to shake and hit him as i try to get out of his grip. 


he leaned down so his face was nearly touching mine but instead he pulled off my top and i felt his tongue on my boobs and down my stomach. i tried to push him off but he stopped and looked at me. "Oh Maddy, darl, come do what we discussed" he said and she walked over grabbed the chains and putting them around my wrists and tying them to i guess the floor above the bed making my arms be pulled up. 


i saw her lean over me and start to kiss me making me move my head to the side and she looked at me. "Yeah that story. all a lie" she said and i frowned. i felt the button on my denim skirt start to come undone making me try to bring my legs up. 


"Please don't do this" i said and then Maddy's hand went over my mouth and i felt my underwear being taken off making me try to turn but it was no use. there was another buckle being undone before two ice cold hands were on my thighs as they were pushed apart and i felt a long and hard dick go straight inside me. a tear came out of my eye as Jonny started thrusting in and out and i squinted. 


"Stop crying you little slut" Maddy whispered into my ear and i moved my face to the side. he stopped and i heard his pants being put back on and then the chains around my hands were removed and the footsteps went back upstairs until the door slammed again. i rushed to get my underwear and skirt back on and my top before looking around for a way out. i noticed there were small window but they were too high to reach. 


behind the bed i saw the top of what looked like an air vent. i moved the bed and pulled it open before noticing light and i crawled through until i saw the beach and pushed it out and running down the beach to Dean's front door and started hitting it. he opened it and saw me standing there and i took to steps before just grabbing his shirt an putting my ear to his chest. he pushed the door shut and wrapped his arms around me and i just started crying. 


"Hey, hey, hey, hey, whats wrong?" he asked pulling me away and looking at my face. 


"J-j-j-onn-yy- jus-s-st-t hh-hee-e j-j-u--sst" i couldnt talk properly because i was crying so much and he pulled me in and hugged me again. 


"Shhh its okay" he said before slowly walking over to the couch and sitting down pulling me right beside him and pulling me legs up over him. he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and stroked my hair until i calmed down and he leaned back and looked at me and wiped my falling tears before looking at me. it felt good to be in his company again. 


"Wheres your mum and sister?" i asked and he smiled. 


"Staying with my nan thats a three hour drive" he replied pushing my hair out of my face. i put my hand on his wrist and his face turned from happy to worried when he looked at my wrist. i looked at it to notice the bruising coming up and he grabbed my other hand and saw the same thing. 


the doorbell rang and he got up and opened it and i saw Jonny there and he instantly punched Jonny making me get up. he closed the door and locked it and went into the kitchen and called someone. i don't know who but he hung up and looked at me. 


"I think its going to get a little violent soon" he said and i sat down on the chair at the dining room table. "What happened?" he mumbled and walked over crouching in front of me. 


"Jonny um" i said before having to take a deep breath and look at my hands "He um locked me in his house." i could feel myself wanting to cry but i didnt want to "He um threw me into the basement and um some girl chained my hands" a tear fell from my eye "he ra--ap" i started to stutter and he looked at me. 


"Shh. don't finish it." he said and i lifted my eye sand saw he was looking at me, but he seemed a little angry. he stood up and walked back through and i got up following him until he went upstairs and we ended up in I'm pretty sure his room. i heard water started running and i walked through to see him kneeling next to the bath and he started emptying a bottle of soap and bubbles started forming. once it was full he turned it off and stepped out before pulling the door. it wasnt completely closed, there was a slight crack but i just got undressed and stepped in before leaning back. 


i noticed the door opened a little and his head peaked through but i was completely covered in bubbles. he sat down beside me and put his hand just in the water and with my opposite hand i leaned across my body and grabbed it before slightly closing my eyes. 


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