Loving someone you can never have

I got out of bed everyday telling myself it would be alright, until one day it really was


5. 5.


i opened my eyes to the light peeking through the curtains and i sat up and wiped my eyes. i flipped the blanket over and slid out of my bed and waked through to my bathroom. i turned on the tap and rinsed my face before drying it with a face cloth. 


walking back through the house to the kitchen and making some oats with some strawberries, and sitting down at my kitchen bench eating. 


the doorbell rang and i opened it to see a guy standing there with a bed and some boxes. i signed the form and he brought the parcels in and he set them up for me and put them where i wanted them to go. 


i grabbed out some sheets and a blanket and made the bed. then i walked back out and put my laptop on the desk and grabbing a marble tin and putting some pens in it on the desk. 

and i finished my breakfast and washed up my dishes before going and sitting at the desk and going online to check out some online nursing courses. i found one that wasn't to pricy and the money that my grandmother left for me when she died would pay for it. 


I read through it and put the deposit on it before getting up and closing the lid of my laptop, putting the chair back under the dining room table and going into my room and getting changed into a bikini and grabbed a towel before walking down to the beach and putting my towel on the sand and going and stepping in. 


i noticed as i swan out and turned around Dean was coming and i smiled slightly. he swam out to me and stood up. 


"Hey" he greeted and i smiled even bigger. 

"Hi" i replied before i noticed that Jonny was walking over. "Trouble" i mumbled and he turned his head and saw him coming over. his grin got bigger as he got closer and he walked into us. 


"Hello neighbours" he said and crouched in the water. "So you guys are like together now?" he continued on and we didn't answer and then he laughed a little. "Well we all know that i find Clara pretty and fancy her. but with you in the way. its not easy to get close" he said to Dean and noticed in Dean's house there was a lot of movement. 


"Dean" i mumbled before running out of the water and grabbing my towel wrapping it around me before running up to his house. 


we got the the back door and i heard glass breaking and i opened it and ran through until i got to the lounge and noticed Leo, Jordan, Sam and Jack all throwing stuff around and a glass vase came towards me and i felt hands come around my waist and it was lie someone spun me around so i was facing the way i came in. 


i turned around and saw Dean looking into his living room. i noticed Leo was walking towards Annie and Amy and i walked up to him and stood in between them. "What are you doing?" i asked looking at him. 


"Well we love vandalising and Jonny is trying to get a point across. stop seeing Dean and we will stop visiting here" he said and my entire body just felt like it shut down and i felt my heart drop. i looked past Dean to see him looking at me. 

he looked torn. like he was ready to cry but he was so angry. he has to choose between me and his family and i know its going to be his family. "I'll stop" i mumbled and Leo grinned before turning around and pushing past Dean and his face didnt change. i walked up to him and looked up "I'm not making you choose between me and your family" i said and kissed his cheek before walking out of the house and back to mine before closing and locking the door and walking into my bathroom and running a bath before sitting down in it. 


leaning my head back against the edge of the bath and breathing out and my eyes shut, my mind went blank. after an hour of doing nothing, i got out and dried myself before just walking out and climbing into bed naked and watching pretty little liars before i fell asleep. 

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