Loving someone you can never have

I got out of bed everyday telling myself it would be alright, until one day it really was


4. 4.

I opened my eyes seeing the light coming through the curtains and I went to move slightly and I felt a grip around my waist and looked down to see an arm there.


I slightly rolled over to see Dean's face and I breathed out and saw a small smile go across his face. He opened an eye and then another one and smiled and I rolled my eyes and rolled over before pushing myself up.


“No stay in bed. Its so much better” he said pulling me back down and I fell on my back slightly leaning on him.


“What’s going on between us?” I asked turning on my side and looking at him. “Not to be rude. But I barely know you” I said looking up into his eyes.


“Listen Clara. I haven’t had many good things happen in my life, but I’m willing to take a chance. Come on. Be wild” he replied looking back at me. I nodded and smiled at him before rolling over and getting out of bed and walking into the kitchen.


I grabbed out some oats and cut up some fruit before sitting down on the bench and eating and Dean came out and had a strawberry. I looked out the window towards Dean's house and saw the blue ocean right by it. I also saw a giant mess beyond his house from the party last night making me smile knowing I don’t have to clean it up.


“You don’t have to go tonight you know that right” he started and I looked down at my food before taking another bite.


“Yes I do” I finished after eating the spoon of oats and fruit. “If I don’t, you might not be just punched a few times” I continued looking at him and his face with formed bruises on it making me get up and grab an ice pack and put it on his face. “Anyway, I think I’m going to buy a bench to go across the window in the lounge pointing towards the sea and the window right here” I said pointing to the long floor length window that’s beside me in the dining room.


I looked back over at Dean whom was sorrily looking at me making me get up and go into my room changing into some black leggings and a white t-shirt that was a little too big. It showed the extra straps of my bra-let that I was wearing.


I walked back out and moved my bowl to the couch where I started watching television. I finished eating before Dean sat down and he came and grabbed the bowl putting it in the sink making me smile.


I brought my legs up and crossed them and Stephan came and sat down beside me. “Shouldn’t you go home and check up on your mum?” I asked turning my head to look at him.


“If you want me to leave, you just have to tell me to get out” he said looking back at my grabbing my hand.


“No I don’t want you to leave. But you stayed the night. Don’t you think that your mum would be curious?” I asked playing with his hands.


“I know. She doesn’t like me being away for too long” he said and I smiled and looked at him. He kissed my head and walked out and I watched him from the couch go back to his house and back inside.


I got up and shut the front door and walked back into my bathroom and looked in the mirror before turning on the water and washing my face using my face wash.


I went into my wardrobe to figure out what I was going to wear tonight. I just decided on a light white dress with my nude heels that I wore last night.


Walking back into my room, I made my bed and put the empty ice cream container in the bin and put the spoon in the sink.


I walked into the spare room looking at the space. Wondering what I was going to do with it and figured how I was going to set up the bed and what ever I was going to put in there.


Going back into my room and digging out my MacBook, I went online to everywhere I could to find a small queen-size bed. I found one on Ikea website which would be good enough and while I was there I thought I should get a desk for in the lounge beside the front door to put my computer on. I ordered them and put in my card.


I left my stuff in my room and I walked out to the lounge and looked around. I don’t know what to do. I sat down with my phone and went through Instagram and facebook and twitter and there was a knock on the door.


I put the phone down on the couch getting up and opening the door to see Dean standing there with two people. Two girls.


“Hi” I said looking at Dean who was smiling at me.


“Clara, this is my mum Annie and my sister Amy.” He said introducing them at the door.


“Come in” I said and they opened the screen and came in. I went to the fridge and got out the cut up fruit and biscuits putting it out on the table and sat down with Annie and Amy.


“Sorry for barging in, but I wanted to meet the person that my son has been spending the past three days with” Annie said and I smiled and nodded.


“Its totally okay” I replied eating some grapes and looking around to see Dean was at the bar sitting on a stool looking at us.


We had a genuine conversation about family, what we do, that kind of thing. I explained how I finished year twelve and got a good OP enough to be a nurse but I don’t know if I want to do that yet.


They told me about how his sister was going to move back for a while considering it was the beginning of May and its Dean's birthday soon.


They decided to leave around 6 and I went into my room having a shower, washing my hair, body and shaving my legs and getting out and dressed and blow drying my hair.


I put on some mascara and then my heels before grabbing my phone and putting it in a little bag with my wallet and went and sat in the lounge.


There was a knock on the door and I breathed out getting up and going to the door. “Well aren’t you just stunning” Jonny said standing there and I stepped outside closing the door and he put his arm out but I just walked straight past it to his car.


I got in and put on my belt while he got into the drivers side. We started to drive and he started talking but I didn’t listen. I was staring out the window and watching the beach until there was no longer any water and I was inland. We continued driving under the street-lights and the soft music playing in the background.


We stopped and I turned my head looking around until I noticed a little restaurant that had fairy lights hung up and lanterns everywhere and then my door opened and Jonny was standing there.


I got out and he closed the door and locked the car. We walked inside and sat down at the table and ordered some food. He started talking about his family, three sisters and a brother, his dad was an asshole and his mum left him.


We ate and I got up and went back to the car wanting to go home. “It’s no secret that you’re going to go home to Dean.” He said coming so close that I was stuck between him and the car door.


“What are you doing?” I asked looking at him straight in the eye. He put on of his hands on my cheek and I looked at him. “Don’t do this. Don’t make me hate you more than I already do” I said looking at him.


He shook his head and leaned in making me lean back until I couldn’t. He closed his eyes and kissed me making me become tense and until he put his other arm around my waist pulling me in making my arms go up until I put them on his chest and pushed him away.


“Don’t” I demanded until I reached for the door handle and pressed the unlock button and pulled the doorhandle to open it making me step closer to him so our bodies were pushed together. His grin widened across his face and I pulled myself away from him and got into the car and closed the door. I looked down at my hands and heard a door open and close and he started to drive.


We got all the way home and I got out walking up to the porch. I saw Dean sitting there and he stood up and I sped up onto the porch and he put his arms out and i just walked straight into his chest and held his shirt while his arms were around my shoulders and slightly around my face. I embraced his hug and he pushed my back putting his hands on my face looking at me. “Are you okay?” he asked and I put my hand on his wrist and nodded.


“I’m fine” I said and looked over at Jonny who was smiling before he got back in his car and drove two doors down. I unlocked my front door walking in and going straight to my room taking of my heels and taking of my dress putting my nighty back on and walking out to the lounge and sitting on the couch beside Dean.


I looked at him and he out his hand on my thigh and looked at me. “Are you staying over again?” I asked looking at him and he nodded and I smiled.


I got up grabbing his hand and leading him back to my bedroom crawling into bed. Before he did he pulled away creating me to look at him “I should probably make sure that the house is locked up” he said.


He took at least five minutes and I ended up falling asleep before he got back. Being half asleep I could slightly feel the bed move and a kiss on my head before the bed went back to normal.


When I couldn’t feel company anymore I heard the front door making  me open my eyes and sit up looking around to find myself completely alone. 

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