Loving someone you can never have

I got out of bed everyday telling myself it would be alright, until one day it really was


3. 3.

I heard the front door close and I breathed out.


I looked around before getting up and walking over to my closet and grabbed out a small pink dress that wasn’t tight on the body but it just sat over it. It went to mid thigh and had halter spaghetti string straps and I picked out some little nude heels to go with it. Walking through to my bathroom looking at the little clock. I still had a few hours before I needed to leave so I ran a bath.


Stripping off my clothes that I was wearing and throwing a bath bomb in the bathtub and tied my hair up in a bun and stepped in the bath sitting down and leaning back closing my eyes. I allowed my entire body to relax.





I hopped out of the bathtub and wrapped myself in a towel and dried myself.


Dressing myself and pulling my naturally wavy blonde hair out before walking out to the kitchen and grabbing some strawberries and eating some before walking back into my room and to my bathroom to do my make up.


I did pretty much everything and then left my hair as its natural before sliding on my heels and grabbing my phone and walking out. There is a key hidden in my front yard so I just closed the door. I walked over to Dean's house knocking on the door and he answered smiling.


“Well aren’t you just beautiful” he said taking a step out closing the door. I smiled and stepped back walking down the little porch and he followed as we went to the party next door.


There were lights and loud music and people everywhere. I walked up to the door and saw that Jonny was standing there smiling at me as he left whom he was with and walked towards the door. I heard footsteps and noticed that Dean took a few more steps until he was behind me and I looked at him grabbing his hand and walking past Jonny. “Nice party” I said walking through the house.


I noticed the alcohol and also grabbed a cruiser keeping it light and looked at Dean and smiled.  I noticed Jonny was behind him and Dean turned around to see him. “I don’t remember inviting you” he said and I noticed Dean smiled making me smile. “By the way Clara, you look great” he continued making me smile.


“Thank you, and I hoped it was okay that I invited Dean as my date” I continued with my wide grin putting my arm through his.


“No problem” he said with a pissed off look on his face and then we walked past and went out the back.


“So now that we have showed, can we leave” I asked looking up at him and we went down to the beach where I saw a couple of beach chairs and sat down on one. Dean sat on the other and I lied back looking at the stars.


“Actually no it’s not okay. You can’t just invite whoever you want to my parties” I heard a voice and rolled my eyes, sitting up and looking at Jonny with Leo, Sam, Jack and Jordan standing there. My eyes went to worried and I took of my heels so I didn’t have to stand in the stand and stood up.


“Well sorry, I didn’t know it was invite only” I continued to go on and I noticed they were all walking around us. “What’s going on?” I asked him and I noticed Dean got up. 


“You do know, I think I would take a fancy for you if I got the chance” he said taking a step closer and another until he was extremely close to me. I heard movement and noticed Dean coming closer and then Jack and Jordan grabbed him making me try and turn but Jonny grabbed my arm.


“What is going on?” I said turning back and looking at him.


“Princess, we need to talk. When I invited you tonight, I meant you alone. Not Dean. Now l know that you two are starting to get close, but I just wanted to say. I don’t like you two together. Its not fair that I can’t get to know you because I know that he wont let you” he said bringing me in closer


“Yeah because I know what you did to his sister. I would never even think of even going out with you. I don’t even want to know you” I spat back in his face.


“Bad mistake. I think Leo wants to get a little even considering he wasn’t allowed to touch his sister” Jonny said looking past me and I turned around and saw Leo punch him in the stomach making me jump. And then again, and again, and again, and again making me look back at Jonny who was smiling.


I turned around and looked at him again as he was being beaten up making me shake “Okay, okay stop just please stop” I said tugging on Jonny’s grip and looking back up at him with tears forming in my eyes. “Just stop hurting him please. I’ll do anything” I pleaded and he looked at me


He leaned down slightly and kissed me making me take a couple of steps back until he pulled away. “Tomorrow I’m going to come and get you for a date. Only because I want you to get to know me” he said and let go making me step back and turn around as they let go of Dean making me walk over and he leaned over and coughed with blood on his lip and eyebrow and bruising was already forming.


“You okay?” I asked holding him up and he stood up and nodded.


“Why? Why would you agree to that?” he said looking at me and he put his hand on my cheek making me hold his hand and look up at him.


“Because, I couldn’t let you get hurt. I hate violence. And what’s one little date?” I replied and grabbed my shoes. “Come one. I want to leave” I continued one walking down the beach until I got to my house.


I continued to the front and walked in and threw my shoes on the couch and went to the fridge getting some chocolate ice cream and grabbing a spoon and eating it. I looked up to see Dean looking at me and I just ate some ice cream.


“What?” I asked as he was staring at me. He closed the door and stood across from the counter from me.


“Thank you” he said. That’s all he said and I looked at him before taking another bite.


“Your welcome” I said grabbing the ice cream and going into my bedroom and putting the ice cream on the bedside table and walking into my closet and dropping the dress, putting a bra-let on and slipping on a black silk nighty that came on my upper thigh.


I noticed Dean was at the door when I crawled into bed and ate some ice cream watching orphan.


“Is that emotional eating?” he asked taking a couple of steps making me look at him. His beautiful green eyes


“Why would I be emotional eating?” I asked taking another bite.


“Jonny kissed you and then pretty much forced you to say yes to going out with him tomorrow. I’m guessing you don’t want that to happen” he continued sitting on the edge of the bed.


“I’ve only ever been in one relationship. And it was also a forced relationship. But I don’t want to go into that” I muttered continuing to eat my ice cream.


He grabbed it and I tried to keep it “no” I said looking at him and he still tried to take it until he did putting it on the bedside table and I tried to reach over him to grab it and I was nearly able to grab it.


I felt his hand on my hip and I slightly moved my head and looked at him and we were so close together. I could feel his heart beating on my hand that was resting on his chest. His hand that was on the ice cream came up and he put it on my cheek and slightly behind my ear. I looked at his lips and then back at his eyes and he leaned in and kissed me.


My other hand reaching for the ice cream moved to his face as I let my body fall into his. He spun around so I was underneath him and I moved my leg up beside him as he put his hand completely underneath me and pulled my waist into him.


Both my hands went to each side of his face and then around his neck and I could feel him pull me up so I was sitting up. I felt his hand move from my face to my thigh and his lips moved down my neck making my head tilt slightly back.


His hand continued up my thigh like he was going to take of my nighty and I smiled a little. “okay okay okay. I think we should slow down” I giggled pushing his hand down.


He stopped kissing me neck and I felt him breath out on my neck giving me goose bumps. He kissed my jawline and then moved his hand back to my hip and looked at me.


I reached behind him and grabbed my ice cream falling back on my bed giggling. “hey” he said slightly laughing taking my spoonful and eating.


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